Monday, March 10, 2008


I will never have a man in my life. I might find one, but never keep one.

Once he hears me talking to my dogs, the dorkiness of which makes ME cringe in horror, he'll hightail it to the hills before I can finish saying, "Ohhhhh, my precious puppehs! Hi, my sweet puppehs!"



Chuck said...

Well, at least you'll always have your puppehs! What good are men anyway? ;)

Christina RN LMT said...

Good point!

HollyB said...

Oh, Mama's Sweet Be'Be's when I'm in a french mood.

then there's Mama's Boosy Floozie, that's what you are, my Boo Honey Girl, the bestest girl in the whole wide world!

My Sweet Tipper Boy! You LOVE your Mama sooooo much, don't you? Yes, I know you do. And Mama loves you too, you sweet baby boy. This is said to a 100+ pound dog who is stretched down the middle of my king-sized bed. Almost all the way.

Now, do you feel better? And I am RESTRAINED in the way I talk to my dogs, compared to the way my Mother and Brother talk to their dogs.

Christina RN LMT said...

I just never thought I'd be one of those ex and I used to mock his mother for how obsessed with and goofy about her dogs she was.

Now my daughter tells me, "You sound just like Grandma!"


Every time I walk through the door, it's a sappy 10-minute-long love-fest. I can't help myself! Puppehs are sooo cute and sooo sweet...there I go again.

I think it's time to head to the park, seeing as my life revolves around my dogs and all.

breda said...

you have to find the right man - one who will babytalk your pets as much as you do!

and trust me - they DO exist. ;)

Christina RN LMT said...

Hope springs eternal, Breda!

Mauser*Girl said...

All you need to do is find someone who likes dogs just as much as you do.

My better half baby-talks the dog, cuddles with the cats, and spoils all of them.

If we meet someone with a dog while we're out, he's the first one down on all fours to pet. *roll eyes*

Christina RN LMT said...

I guess I just have to be lucky! No worries, I was just shocked when I realzed just how dorky I sound when I talk to my pups.