Friday, March 21, 2008


I had a moment of utter humiliation today, and of course I have nothing better to do than share it with all of you.

The floor the spa is located on is also the location of a host of meeting and conference rooms, most of which are in use daily by various and sundry companies and organizations, all of whom think scheduling a conference in Las Vegas is a great idea.

Wish more of the attendees would get a massage, but I digress...

In order to provide food for these conferences, and also for the wedding chapel also located on our floor, the banquet and catering kitchens are up here, too.

One way for employees to leave the building without having to brave the smoky, too-heavily-populated casino, is to walk through the catering department and take the elevator down to the lower level, where one can exit by the loading docks and never see a slot machine.

Last Monday, I did just that, and stopped just through the door and looked around in shock. The whole place was totally empty. No shelves with pots and pans, no dishes or coffee urns, no people! (I later found out it was empty due to a routine visit from the exterminator.)

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off, and today, as I was again making my way to the employee elevator, I ran into an employee I'd seen around before, who works for the banquets department. I said, "Hi!" Then I launched into an animated monologue about how creepy it had been a few days ago, like a Twilight Zone episode, with everyone gone and the whole place cleaned out...I babbled on and on, the poor guy a captive audience as we waited for the elevator. Finally, as I stopped to take a breath, he looked me in the eye and said/mouthed, "I can't hear you, I'm deaf."


I'm sorry, but something like this can only happen to me. I can feel myself blushing now as I type this. That's how embarrassed I was. And I had to ride down five floors in the elevator with him, too! At least he was nice about it, and I didn't even get a hint of a "YOU IDIOT!" tacked on to his sentence to me.

I think I've probably already reached my lifetime quota of embarrassing incidents. There's really nowhere to go from here but up! Maybe if I learn to keep my mouth shut...?


HollyB said...

Christina, anybody, and by anybody I mean ME, could have made this same mistake. It's not like the deaf walk around wearing were you supposed to KNOW?
Quit beating yourself up.

Christina RN LMT said...

I know, I know...but I still feel embarrassed/guilty. Like I should have known. I mean, I've seen the guy around, we work on the same floor, albeit in different departments, so maybe I should have paid more attention or something. Seriously, though, I really don't beat myself up about things nearly as much as I used to, and that's a good thing!

Chuck said...

Good Lord! That's just freaking hilarious! Maybe I'll try the "I'm deaf" thing next time a crazy woman is talking my leg off!

Christina RN LMT said...

Hey! Watch who you call crazy.