Monday, February 06, 2023


 I deal with death more frequently than the average person. I have no problem with dead bodies. I am respectful when doing post-mortem care. I've learned to cope with the emotional aftermath. But this is the first time in my career that I, the RN taking care of the deceased patient, not only pronounce death (with another RN verifying), but I am also the person who calls the loved ones and notifies them of the passing. 

I count myself as a good communicator, with more-than-adequate interpersonal skills. But I have to tell you, awkward doesn't even begin to describe the first such conversation I had with a deceased patient's family member. The only things that were in my favor: the death was expected, and the notification was over the phone, as the patient's son lived out of state. I am already mortified (no pun intended!) just remembering the phone call. The thought of having had that conversation face-to-face...? 


Well, I try to look at it as a learning experience, and an opportunity to grow more skills in my field. Also, looking ahead towards the end of my career, I'm leaning towards hospice nursing. So I guess any experience is good experience?!

What do you think?

Friday, February 03, 2023


Every time I set foot in a Walmart, I feel myself slowly transmorphing into a Karen (no offense to any Karen-named peeps out there). I can't help it. I make sure I've eaten something before I go, so there's no element of hangriness involved, and I take care to be well-hydrated and well-rested.

Is it something they pipe into the HVAC that then slowly disperses into the store? Is it the jostling crowd of equally Karen-morphing customers, which spreads the contagion? No mask can help with this. 

Upon every Walmart excursion I ask myself: "Is this the time? Is this the moment I completely transform into KAREN, and can never turn back?"

There's a reason I buy most of my stuff online and have it delivered.