Friday, February 03, 2023


Every time I set foot in a Walmart, I feel myself slowly transmorphing into a Karen (no offense to any Karen-named peeps out there). I can't help it. I make sure I've eaten something before I go, so there's no element of hangriness involved, and I take care to be well-hydrated and well-rested.

Is it something they pipe into the HVAC that then slowly disperses into the store? Is it the jostling crowd of equally Karen-morphing customers, which spreads the contagion? No mask can help with this. 

Upon every Walmart excursion I ask myself: "Is this the time? Is this the moment I completely transform into KAREN, and can never turn back?"

There's a reason I buy most of my stuff online and have it delivered. 


Mike-SMO said...

Definitely an alternative reality. I am usually shocked by the wait to check out. That keeps me away more than anything else.

Christina RN LMT said...

ALTERNATE REALITY!!! Why didn't I think of this? It makes so much sense. If only Walmart weren't the only place I can get the protein bars I like...and shipping them from is a nightmare of a different flavor, ugh.