Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm done.

I can add "BSN" to my name. But now to get the "RN" part...

Time to study for NCLEX!

Then I have to find a job.

If only nursing jobs were as easy for me to find as massage jobs. I got another one, btw. Massage job, that is. I go in for training on Tuesday. This looks like it could actually be my "massage home", the one I've been looking for since I started doing massage therapy to begin with. Fingers crossed and all that.

Anyway, I'm beat and need to head to bed.

Merry Christmas, Everyone who celebrates it!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

RIP Buck...

we will miss you greatly. I'm sorry we never got the chance to meet in person, but I enjoyed our occasional emails tremendously. Your blog was always entertaining (except for the HOCKEY, lol!) and your reminiscences were fascinating and enlightening.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Huge Sigh of Relief...

The moment has finally arrived: PINNING CEREMONY!!

I took my last final on Tuesday and tonight I will be officially welcomed into the ranks of nurses. (We won't go into the whole "officially-graduated-but-no-commencement-ceremony-until-May" thing, that's why we're doing the pinning ceremony in the first place. Yes, despite having my BSN now [w00t], I still plan on coming back in five months for the cap and gown. I earned it.)

I'm so thankful and grateful for my friends and family, without whom I never would have made it to this point. I could never have succeeded in a vacuum, and I'm going to make sure that they know *I* know this and appreciate all they've done.

The lovely Phlegm Fatale has been staying with us since Saturday, and we've had a blast (including going to see The Buttcracker in Boston last night, totally worth losing sleep and something I want to go to next year, too. It was a hilarious and fun show!) I'm so happy she could make it out here, not just for the pinning ceremony, but to spend time with all of us. We've missed her sparkling presence!

Tonight (and tomorrow night, and Saturday night) is for celebrating!

Thanks to all of you readers, too, for coming along for the ride all these years. I appreciate you!