Saturday, August 31, 2013

Silver decided to update her website...

...and the donation link got broken.

If you're still inclined to donate, and don't have an aversion to Paypal (which, if you're a gunnie, is completely understandable, btw.), direct your gaze to the right of your screen and you'll find a "Donate to Silver" button at the top of my sidebar.

Thank you all again.

Link is broken, from the Paypal end of things. Her email address is now listed in place of the button. Sorry about the confusion.

Thursday, August 29, 2013



Silver has now received $1175 in donations!

Thank y'all very, very much.

She's going to Fargo for a week or so while she decides where to go and what to do for the rest of the semester. She has to work and work fast to pay the rest of the bill so that she can register for classes for the spring semester.

You are all awesome, btw. :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Silver Speaks.

She hijacks the blog to say:

THANK YOU SO MUCH :D I apologize for the lack of contact or whatever lately, I've been trying to figure out where I'm going to live and stuff (contacting relatives, getting my affairs in order, etc etc). I'll be sending a lovely e-mail to each and every one of you once I start packing up (ergo, after I'm done playing phone tag and hashing things out). Web work will start once I'm settled in where I am for the next three months. :) Again, my apologies for the lack of updates on my part, Mom's been on my ass about it (despite it being her blog...), but I've been running around trying to get things done, which I have a limited timeframe during the day for. Not everyone is up at midnight like I am!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I believe this is my first official bleg, and I hesitate to do it, but it's for my child.

Silver the Evil Chao, aka SystemsReady, is in a terrible bind. You know her from the pages of my blog, and many of you have met her in real life. She's brilliant, funny, and broke. She owes her university (the University of ND) $3000 for summer housing and will be kicked out of the dorms tomorrow (Wednesday the 28th) if the bill doesn't get paid. Yes, I know this is last minute, but we've been trying to work things out with the school and through family up until now without success.

Here's what happened and why/how everything got so ugly:

Silver didn't come here for the summer because she was offered an AWESOME full-time programming job from the college of nursing at her university, and she had to be there for face-to-face meetings. She took summer housing at the university because she's used to it and she didn't have to pay up front, the charges would just be posted to her account.

Unfortunately, the nursing department dicked around for months and the start date for her job kept being pushed back over and over, until she got an email saying that the college of nursing had a new dean and all agreements/meetings/jobs were cancelled.

By this time, it was too late for her to register for summer classes, which would have enabled her to get some kind of financial aid to cover the charges for housing.

She had already signed up for housing for the fall semester and she moved back into her regular dorm room last week, only to find out they were kicking her out for non-payment of the summer housing charges and because she's not enrolled in classes yet.

She has another programming job lined up through the school, one she's done before, but she has to be enrolled in classes to get it, and she has a hold on her account because of the charges, so she can't enroll in classes. The bursar's office offered her a payment plan to pay off the charges monthly, but that hinged on her getting the university programming job.

It's a classic Catch-22, and until the $3000 are paid, she has no place to live, no job, and no chance to enroll in classes for this semester.

Some good friends of hers have offered her a couch to crash on for a few days, but that's not a long-term solution and it still doesn't address the fact that she can't take classes at the university.

So I'm blegging y'all to help her. I've done all I can, and this is my last idea for a solution.

Here's where you can donate, if you're so inclined. Silver will thank everyone personally for any donation, and anyone who donates $50 will get two hours of custom website design (and she's GOOD).

Thank you all for reading, and thank you for any prayers, good wishes, etc. It's greatly appreciated.
ZOMFG! You guys ROCK!
As of 2:33 PM today you've donated a total of $675. That's INCREDIBLE and we're grateful and humbled.
The university will be happy to get a big chunk of cash and it's wonderful progress IN ONE DAY. Wow.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

"This duct tape is comfortable."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This is just typical...

...of my quirky brain.

So I'm watching "Despicable Me 2", a hilarious, over-the-top, totally unrealistic animated kids' movie, and what do I focus on?

"Oh my GOD! Is that a chicken running loose in the restaurant? That's a major health code violation, the Health Department would totally shut them down, pronto."

Yes, even *I* mentally facepalmed. The workings of my brain are mysterious, what can I say?

Really good movie, though. I highly recommend it.

Quote of the Day...

(said in a sing-song voice) "Please don't step on my testicles..."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Clients:

I'm super happy for you that you are able to be outside and enjoy the absolutely lovely weather we're having.

Even though I'm stuck in the spa all day.

Naturally, that includes my joy for the fantastic day you had at the beach.


I don't relish rubbing the nasty-ass mixture of sand, salt, funk, sun block, and massage lotion all over your body. It's gross and it's gritty and I get it all over my hands and arms. Not that it appears to bother YOU.

If you're going to be inconsiderate like that, at least tip generously. Otherwise feel free to turn your ass around and go elsewhere, 'cause I'm too old and cranky for this shit.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

I've lost my blogging oomph...

But if I still had it, I would blog about how AWESOME the Northeast Bloggershoot was yesterday.

Cannons were fired, Elmo was bayoneted (after being thoroughly perforated by many, many rounds of ammo), and much fun was had by all. Especially my twins, who had the good fortune of having many patient teachers on the firing line (Glenn, Les, Weer'd, and Jay G., especially), not to mention the generosity of all the gunnies who were more than willing (more like "eager") to let newbie shooters try out their firearms.

We had delicious food and EXCELLENT conversation, and the weather was simply perfect.

Many, many thanks from the LMT Clan to all the participants, but especially to our hosts, the DoubleTroubles, who put up with the yearly invasion with grace and courtesy, and to the organizer par excellence, Jay G.

Ehrmahgehrd! I forgot to thank WALLY for fixing my rifle and bringing it to the shoot! THANK YOU! I got to use my Precioussssss to make a reactive target dance and it was GLORIOUS.