Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was kissed today. By a CLIENT. A man, with his wife standing right there. M., the attendant for the women's spa, was holding the door open for the missus and saw the whole thing. She said my face looked "frozen". I'm sure it did! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I had held out my hand to shake my client's, and he did the one-armed hug thing and leaned in and kissed me right behind my ear. I'm glad I wash behind my ears. Just sayin'.

His wife's sang-froid showed her complete confidence in their relationship. They've been married for almost 26 years, and from what I saw during the massage session (they had a couple's massage), their marriage is going strong.

Her reaction was a marked contrast to that of a client I massaged yesterday. A beautiful, 25-year-old airman from Arizona, she asked for my opinion on a situation she found herself embroiled in. She asked me if I'd be pissed off if my boyfriend received a lap-dance from a stripper at a strip-joint. I told her honestly that, no, it really wouldn't bother me. This is Vegas, if he's at a strip club with a bunch of his buddies, that sort of thing happens. Plus, I'm lacking the jealousy gene. I just can't get my panties in a bunch about stuff like that. Life's too short!

She explained what had happened. Her boyfriend and a bunch of his friends got to Vegas a day before she could get away from work. He told her they were going to a strip club, and she told him it was okay with her. Then, according to the bf, one of his friends bought him the dance, so he felt obligated to go through with it, but felt horrible afterward (yeah, right!). He told her over the phone what had happened, full of remorse and babbling apologies, and she flipped out. Basically she broke up with him and was contemplating flying home early.


People (women) are weird. I don't get this; he apologized, what's the problem? It's not like he let the (potentially skanky and disease-ridden) stripper take him into a private room and give him a *ahem* more intimate pole dance.

I told her, "You know, why don't YOU do a little strip for him and give him a lap-dance?"

She replied, "Oh, no! I'm much too self-conscious. He's never even seen me naked."

There you go...WEIRD. You have a beautiful woman with a fantastic body (trust me, I know), and she's too modest or lacking in self confidence to even let her boyfriend see her naked.

All I can tell you is if I were 25 and had her body...I'd probably BE one of the dancers at the strip-club. And I'd be raking in the dough.

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