Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four weeks.

Marko inspired me, and four weeks ago today, I quit drinking Diet Coke cold turkey.

Not only did I stop drinking Diet Coke, I also stopped eating fast food and going to 7-11. I did this for my health, to help me lose weight, and, of high importance, to save money. I never realized how much of my tip money I squandered on fast food and getting "breakfast" at the 7-ll on the way to work, until I saw it start piling up when I stopped patronizing those establishments.

So, thanks Marko, I really owe you one.


Marko said...

Well, gawrsh, I was just mentioning that I kicked the soda habit...

I've lost count, but I think it's been at least a month since I had my last diet soda (if you don't count the nearly flat ginger ale in my emergency Bourbon & Ginger at lunch a few days ago.)

Those little iced tea flavor packets are the berries...I've been chugging at least a half dozen 16-ounce glasses of water a day. My intestinal troubles have disappeared...imagine that.

Christina LMT said...

Yup. I haven't lost a pound, but I FEEL better. I drink one cup of half/caff coffee mixed with soymilk every morning, then it's water all day long. Giving someone a massage right after I ate lunch used to be torture...after drinking two glasses of diet coke with my meal I'd be totally bloated and gassy (if I may be indelicate for a moment). NOT fun.

This has certainly been the longest I've gone without drinking soda since I've been an adult. I used to LIVE on soda. And I can't believe I haven't been through the McDonald's drive-thru once in the past four weeks. That's definitely also a record for me. Which doesn't speak well of my previous eating habits, now does it?

phlegmfatale said...

I'll bet you will see a difference, though, eventually. About 6 years ago I quit coffee cold turkey. Felt like I was walking through mud for about 6 months - seriously sluggish and in slo-mo. Then one day, I woke up and was my old, naturally-spazzy self again. YAYS! Natural high--woohoo! I can't wait until you're in Texas - we'll go wild together!