Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seen on my drive home...

a car with California license plate number:


I LOVE vanity plates!

In other news, I'm interviewing Tuesday night for a part-time job as a "roving/roaming (not quite clear on the terminology yet) chair massage therapist"...I'll be walking around casinos chirping, "Massage? Massage?" sorta like a low-rent cocktail waitress...;)

In other, OTHER news, I applied for this job and arranged for my interview solely by text message. I'd left numerous voicemails on my contact's cell phone, and finally decided to text her this afternoon. She replied within minutes...let's hear it for technology!


skywind said...

Oh, you are a very humorous person. Very funny. LOL
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HollyB said...

1st...Skywind, you sound like a spam-bot.
2nd, Good luck on your interview. I can see you as a Casino Cigarette/Massage Girl: short skirt, 4" heels, cute little hat. LOL.

Buck said...

I'd be screwed if I had to rely on text messaging for anything. I've yet to send my first text message... Luddites 'R' Us. :D

No offense, Holly... but how well do you comment in Mandarin? Skywind visits my blog often, from an undisclosed location in China and according to SiteMeter his/her language (on the 'puter) is "Chinese (China) zh-cn." Needless to say, her English is MUCH better than my Mandarin.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Heh...Holly beat me to the comments about the appropriate attire for the job! That's what was running through my mind when I read that paragraph.

Why is it people will answer a text, but not the phone? My youngest will sit and text with her friends for hours. When I ask "why don't you just call?" she looks at me like I have three heads...

Christina RN LMT said...

Skywind, I try...;)

Holly, the attire is: Black from head to toe, tight tank-top under unbuttoned polo shirt, slacks, comfy shoes (can't do massage in heels) least they go with the polo now, it used to be tank-top only, and I don't DO tank-tops, ever.
The "roaming" therapists at the Hard Rock wear teeny-tiny skorts and go-go boots...ugh.

Buck, I really don't like texting. I don't have the handy-dandy qwerty keyboard on my phone, so it takes me an eternity to do it. Plus, I canNOT bring myself to use the texting shortcuts/abbreviations/whatever. I have to spell everything out and use proper grammar and punctuation. Which takes forever.

Buckskins Rule, I'd always rather talk on the phone than text, but I'd almost always rather chat/email than talk on the phone. Weird, I know. But that's me all over!

Anonymous said...

You would like my vanity plate:
OK, let's break it down: 10-22 is the ten code for cancel-
10-61 is the ten code for traffic stop. In other words, don't pull me over! You should see the looks I get from LEO's that don't know me-I have had them ride by horselaughing! I have a thing for vcanity plates as well, I think they are funny!