Friday, March 06, 2009

Best. Day. EVAR!

I met my first bloggers in "real" life!


Jethro and Zelda are in town to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and Silver and I were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them yesterday.
What amazing people they are! I don't think I've ever met a kinder, more laid-back and down-to-earth couple in my life. They are the kind of folks with whom one never runs out of stuff to talk about. We had a total blast!
I wish I had more skill with words, because then I could convey my thoughts and emotions with such clarity, you guys reading this would much more thoroughly understand the awesomeness that is Jethro and Zelda. And I'm not kidding, either.


Not at all!

So, I picked up Zelda and Jethro early afternoon and we cruised up and down the Strip for awhile, until they ceased to be utterly flabbergasted by the sheer enormity of the hotel-casinos ('cause they ARE huge). I amused myself (and hopefully them) by pointing out all the buildings I was unfamiliar with, since there are quite a lot of them, actually! Like most people who live in or around famous places, I tend to avoid the Strip like the plague (except for the casino I work in), unless I have out of town guests to show around. I've been sadly guest-less for the past few years, so many of the new casinos and condo projects are completely unfamiliar to me.

We stopped for some pictures at the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, then headed to my place for some serious massage and chat.
After my dogs' frenzied greetings were over and they had somewhat relaxed, I got down to business and gave first Jethro then Zelda their massages. What a wonderful time! Silver was sitting with us, and all four of us chatted back and forth on a myriad of topics. Yes, I did have to shoo Harley off the massage table a time or two (or three...), but overall I believe J.& Z. enjoyed themselves.

(Don't worry, this is an old picture...I do NOT photograph my clients while they're on the table!)

We laughed so much, I think my ribs are sore from it today.

After I reduced them to puddles of goo finished the massages, Jethro reciprocated with some outstanding soft tissue manipulation of my hands and forearms that I'm still feeling today. Thanks, Jethro, I needed that!

We were all feeling a bit peckish by then, so Zelda and Jethro invited us to dinner. I never turn down food! So we headed over to the nearby Blackbear Diner, the eatery famous for its gigantic, enormous portions of food. We all had leftovers! Despite my bizarre insistence that chicken-fried steak is, in fact, chicken (don't ask, I don't know, maybe because I was tired?), we really enjoyed ourselves. Jethro and Silver did run into some frustration due to being unable to find video of Terry Fator's first audition for America's Got Talent on youtube, using Jethro's iPhone.

Google for the win, Baby!

Then we drove back to the hotel, with a detour to see the Strip at night. Oddly enough, as we were driving, Silver said EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS I had said earlier in the day. I accused her of bugging the car, but I guess it's just a side effect of us being much alike in our thought processes. I did mention it was way past time for her to head off to college! It's getting a bit creepy how alike we are...;)

After Silver and I had bid our new friends farewell, we made our way back down Tropicana towards home. As we were cruising along, my phone rang and Silver scrambled to dig it out of my purse (I don't like talking on the phone while driving). I heard Silver say, "Okay. Okay. Thank you!" Then she turned to me and said, "We're supposed to check the microwave right away!" Huh?

Turns out Jethro and Zelda found a sneaky and creative way of leaving a tip for me! I had repeatedly refused any kind of money for the massages, they were my gift to them for their anniversary, plus they took us out to eat! That was plenty, as far as I was concerned. But they were having none of that, and took the opportunity while we gave them privacy to get dressed after the massage to slip a generous gratuity into a hiding place, with Silver and me none the wiser! Thanks again, Guys. You absolutely ROCK!

So you see why I think yesterday was the best day EVAR?! But gets even BETTER! (Even I didn't think that was possible!)

You see, Silver and I checked our mailbox before we went up to the apartment, and I found the most amazing package in there...with NINJAS!!

Behold the wonder of Phlegmfatale's mad packaging skills:


But the contents of the package was even awesomer!

(I apologize for my poor photography skills, I really can't do the earrings justice!)

Aren't they STUNNING? My very own, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind Phlegmmy earrings!!1!!!one!1! Thank you, Phlegm!

I think I'd burst if I were any happier.

*heaves BIG sigh of happiness*

Thank you, Zelda and Jethro, for being the fantastic people you are. Silver and I are honored to have met you.

Hopefully this was just the beginning of a wonderful friendship...:)


Buckskins Rule said...

Wow girl, you've had a good couple days from the sounds of things. I'm happy for you.

Isn't amazing how the goods things in life turn up in the most unexpected ways?

Christina LMT said...

B.R. - You're not kidding! I'm amazed at how things have been going, I just hope I don't come back to earth with a CRASH...that would be too sad...;)

phlegmfatale said...

SO glad you like the earrings, darling! You're fabulous and deserve wonderful weekends like this, and so many, many more. Love ya, honey!


Christina LMT said...

Love you right back!
I hope you're weekend is as fabulous as mine has been, Phlegmmy!

Brigid said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. I've met the best friends through blogging.

The earrings are wonderful. I'm lucky to have a pair. Her work is exquisite. Ninjas or not.

Buck said...

Wow... a wondrous day, indeed! Any ONE of these events (well, mebbe not the earrings...) would have made MY day, and you had 'em ALL. Good for you, Christina! You're much more than deserving.

Christina LMT said...

Brigid, it truly was fantastic. I know what you mean about making friends through blogging. One meets the absolute BEST people, no?
Phlegmmy is enormously talented, I'm truly honored to be able to wear some of her works of art!

Aw, c'mon Buck! Surely the earrings would look fantastic with your hair color...;)

You're much more than deserving.
Thank you very much, Sir. This means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, WOW what a great day!!! Phlegmmy is the most talented girl, isnt she? Glad to see you had a great time-hopefully one day soon we'll do lunch...I really want to get to Vegas to see my goddaughter! Oh, and Bella and Macgyver say hello and doggy kisses to Harley! He's a cutie!

memory_lucky12 said...

Those earrings look B-E-A-utiful!

I'm glad your days keep getting better! I'm not so sure about mine; I think they just keep staying the same.

When I finally get a job, the first thing I'm buying is a video camera! Or a regular camera...

I hope I meet some more people through blogging (AND FACEBOOK!!!).

Can't wait to see you this summer (If we get to...)!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Those ARE stunning earrings. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. How are you? I know I'm fine. Over here is beautiful. Anyways, I hope you have more awesome days!

Christina LMT said...

Kvegas911 - it WAS an absolutely fabulous day all around! Phlegmmy is supremely talented and I'm very lucky to have received some of her jewelry before she hits the bigtime and becomes famous and all...:)

Chaos and TallyAngel, if everything works out, we will have a blast this summer! I love you too, you Twinkies!

Christina LMT said...

OMG, I just realized I put "you're" on a comment instead of "your"...gaaaaaaaah! Sorry, Phlegmmy. Mea culpa and all that.

And Kvegas911, Harley chastised me about my rudeness in ignoring Bella's and Macgyver's greetings and kisses. I hear and obey, Harley: Greetings and salutations from Harley to Bella and Macgyver, and many, many smooches, too!

Jethro said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great time. We will definitely have to come back. There's just too much to do in Vegas that you just can't get it done in 4 days.

I can't believe you found Terry Fator. I tried again with no luck. That is absolutely incredible.

Zelda and I both feel as if we've known both you and Silver our whole lives. Zelda kept telling me she was exactly like Silver when she was younger. I'll put up more of a Vegas description on my lunch break today. I will definitely MAKE time for that.

My neck and shoulders feel like brand new. My patients thank you. We have so much more to tell you what happened. But, I'll blog about it in order to get as much in as possible.

Christina LMT said...

Jethro, you and Zelda are welcome ANY time!
I googled "Terry Fator" and "At last" and up came the video...I'm special like that...;)
Isn't he amazing? You'll have to check out his show next time you're here.
If Silver grows up to be like Zelda, I'll be absolutely thrilled, since Z. is da bomb.
And I'm very glad I could help you, you know you need to take care of yourself, too, DOCTOR.
I can't wait to read about all your other adventures, I'll head right over...:)

Jethro said...

We are definitely ALL going to see Terry Fator next time we're in town. My treat, of course.

I'm home from work now so I'll work on the Day 2 instead of my other usual stuff. I need a release. Anyways, it'll be up soon.

Christina LMT said...

You are the best, Jethro, really!
And I laughed so hard when I read your blog post..."Vegas, Baby, WOOOO!"