Sunday, March 01, 2009

Craptastic Day

Not only was I dogtired today (Saturday, yes I know it's after midnight, but to me, it's still Saturday since I haven't been to sleep yet!), but work was absolutely craptastic. It's Nascar weekend, so the place is packed, but none of those folks are interested in a spa treatment. They're here for the races, and to drink and party, I suppose, not to get a massage or facial.
So I had an eight o'clock deep tissue massage (btw, lady, thanks for NOT tipping me!), then I had a hand paraffin treatment at noon. That was it, for the whole day. I got a lot of reading done, and Angie and I did a trade late in the afternoon when it became obvious that nothing else was going to book. Ahhhhh. She's a great therapist and did an excellent job softening up my rock-hard shoulders. Hopefully, she feels the same about the massage I gave her!
So basically, I made fifty bucks today. Less than minimum wage. See what I mean about feast or famine? Last week and the week before we were slammed, now it's dead. Too much uncertainty in the spa business. Well, I'm working on it.
I had a paper due for my U.S. History class today. I couldn't work on it AT work because I have no internet there, and this is an on-line class using on-line sources. It was due at midnight and I submitted my paper at 11:59:52 PM...with seven seconds to spare, w00t!! Yes, I'm a procrastinator, but I do my best work under the gun, so to speak. Plus, I was so tired when I got home I took a nap from 8 PM to 10:30, so that limited my time to write my paper. Hey, I got it done and I kicked ass, so who cares?
I also got this for dinner...mmmmmm. That's what probably made me need a nap! Full belleh=coma...:) I also went here on my way to Chipotle and got some chocolate. Hey, sometimes a girl needs chocolate, if you know what I mean! No, I didn't overindulge, okay? I had two squares, which is half a serving, btw, and the rest of the bar is in the fridge. For emergencies. Like life.
Cranky? Who, me?


Julie said...

1 square for me today (Lindt Mint Intense) ... yummo .... Hope you do well on your assignment - i'm like you, i work best at the last minute.

Blondefabulous said...

Ugh.... sorry it was such a rotten day. HHH didn't get the job he was up for so our day wasn't that great either.

Nontipping people should be made to live on tips themselves one day. Then they'd understand.

Christina LMT said...

Julie, aside from the fact that this particular professor is very much a stickler for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, he's an easy grader. Unfortunately, while spelling and grammar aren't much of an issue for me, I do have problems with punctuation. I place commas by gut feeling, and sometimes I'm *gasp* wrong...;)

Blondie, sorry to hear about HHH not getting the job, that truly sucks. And you're absolutely right about the non-tipping folks, they just don't have a clue, do they?

Brigid said...

It's been that kind of weekend. Barkley (should name him Barfley) puked during the night both Friday and Saturday so I woke up to a big mess. He's not sick, have no idea what he ate.

Wrote some emails to some lady gun bloggers, two that teach ladies courses for the NRA, inviting discourse on shooting and exchange of information on shooting and was ignored completely.

Now I have to go of town for the week on business. On the plus side I'll be in DFW and get to have dinner with Phlegmy if she's still free that evening.

Sorry about the no tip. Do people not realize that part of your expected income is on tips?

Christina LMT said...

Oh, Brigid! I hope Barkley is okay now!
Sorry about the incommunicado ladies, I find that very rude to not even respond...
I'll keep my fingers crossed that you and Phlegmmy can get together, even though it might cause a total eclipse of the sun, or a volcanic eruption, or something...;) Too much awesomeness concentrated in one area, you know.
A lot of people are completely clueless when it comes to tipping. I feel like saying, "It's okay to ask if you're not sure...!" Doofuses.

Buckskins Rule said...

Sorry that your Saturday sucked, Christina. Hope the coming week provides some improvement.

But, at least you finished your paper. Good to see you a procrastinator like myself. I always do my best work when time is short.

Christina LMT said...

Well, today was better, B.R.
I had more work, and was still able to leave early enough to take the pups to the park. I'm seriously contemplating going to sleep now. I'm pooped! Yeah, I've been fighting my procrastination tendency for quite some time. I've improved quite a lot, but have some ways to go still (obviously)!

Buck said...

...I submitted my paper at 11:59:52 PM...with seven seconds to spare...

A woman after my own heart, you are! I find it amazing that people are able to time things so well in life, despite pressure, deadlines, and all that. It's a talent.

Sorry about the craptastic sort of day... but it looks like you applied the correct remedies (Ghirardelli! Mmmm!). I would have added a couple of beers, but that's just me. ;-)

Christina LMT said...

Buck, I posit that procrastination and genius go hand in hand. Or at least that's my story. And I WILL stick to it!
I got the plain milk chocolate. I don't need anything fancy added to it. Then I let it melt in my mouth...bliss!
I'll oh-so-generously let you keep the beer...;)