Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Two strange occurrences today. Though I guess the second one is more of a trashy thing, not a weird thing.

First of all, one of my clients at the spa today kept his shorts on during the massage. And I don't mean UNDERshorts, either. I'm talking full-on street clothes; cargo shorts with buttons and belt loops and pockets! They came down past his knees, so I really didn't have much to massage. What's the matter with people? It's bad enough when they keep their underwear on, why the fuck would someone leave his pants on during the massage?! I've had women who wanted to leave their bras or bathing suit tops on, and I've vetoed that, but not much I can do when I drape a man's back and see he's wearing pants! By then it's too late to "fix" it.

The other weird thing I saw today was a man openly groping his female companion's boobs in the middle of the casino. It certainly made me do a double-take! Now in no way can I be mistaken for a prude, but I only approve of the mildest forms of PDA. C'mon, People! There's a time and a place for everything, but the casino floor of the New York-New York is NOT the appropriate place to be playing with a gal's fun bags, capiche? Try to muster some class. Please.


Ambulance Driver said...

Sooooo, putting your head between a really spectacular set of boobs and doing the motorboat would be a no-no, huh?

Good to know! ;)

Roismhaire said...

Ambulance driver sounds like a character! Yep, I have had men actually bring shorts to a massage before (not long ones though), but hey, whatever they're comfy with. So long as there's no racing stripes anywhere, I'm OK with whatever.
Does that mean I can't sit and play with my own Boobays in iHop (pancakes and tweakin' is my favorite combo)?

Buck said...

I'm at a serious loss for words on the first point, but my knee-jerk thought is a certain feeling of inadequacy on the part of the client, perhaps? Or maybe just hyper-modesty. Let's go with Door #2 on that one.

Second point: The ubiquitous "Get A ROOM!" would do nicely in that case. Shouted out from a safe distance, of course. :D

Blondefabulous said...

On the groping, maybe she asked him if they feel "real". I've seen that happen before.

Christina LMT said...

AD, if that's what floats your boat, so to speak, have at it! Just not in public, please.

Roismhaire, it just irritates me when folks leave their clothes on, because I KNOW how much better the massage is for them when they're nude. Hey, if you play with your boobies, I request pics, or it never happened! I want a copy of your mug shot, too, since you know somebody will call the cops! ;)

Buck, I dunno. Maybe he was hyper-modest, but this was a surfer-dude, getting a couple's massage with his girlfriend. I just get frustrated when I can't give the best massage I possibly can, and having the client wear anything at all certainly contributes to that.
I was waiting for security to handle the boobage situation, but the couple moved on after a few moments. She was just laughing, btw.

Blondie, who knows? I guess too many people really buy into the whole "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" thing. ;)

Leslie said...

I would much rather them wear their shorts than totally ignore what I told them to do and lay totally naked on top of the sheet and blanket and totally blind

Christina LMT said...

Leslie, I KNOW! Yes, that is the worst, you're right.