Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I worked at my chiropractor's office for the first time today and had so much fun! I'm glad I've been given this opportunity to do such a different type of massage therapy.

I did four half-hour massages, which will be my schedule from now on until the regular therapist comes back from maternity leave. I'll also, starting next week, work Thursday afternoons, doing four massages then, as well.

They told me I did a great job, so I'm looking forward to next week. :)

It doesn't hurt that the office is half a block away from my home...;)


Alan said...

Good deal! Nothing like working close to home.

memory_lucky12 said...

I don't trust chiropracters. They could break your spine. Ugh! Just the thought of it gives me the heebiejeebies. But I would trust you. You wouldn't break any bones in my body. At least, I hope not. Good deal for you anyways!

Mauser*Girl said...

That is awesome, especially so close to your home!

Christina LMT said...

Alan, ain't it the truth?

Chaos, this is a GOOD chiropractor, trust me. And you're right, I wouldn't break any of your bones. Not on purpose, anyway...;)

Mauser*Girl, thank you!

Roismhaire said...

Glad you're having fun working there!

Zelda said...

I'm so glad you like it. You'll have to tell me everything because I may be doing the same thing at our clinic.

Buck said...

Hey... nothing like being able to walk to work! Good on ya!

Christina LMT said...

Roismhaire - me, too! And I hope it only gets better with familiarity. :)

Zelda - good luck! I think you'll do a fantastic job. The main difference to me between spa massage and chiro massage is focus. In the chiropractor's office, the massage is much more targeted and you are trying to achieve a very specific result (not just "Oh, I want to relax!") It's funny, but twice the patient asked me to focus on a different area than the doctor asked me to! So I'd just do both. :) Of course, another huge difference is charting. In the spa, especially working on the Strip with tourists primarily, I'll probably never see my clients again and make no record of their visit. At the chiropractor's office, I have to document exactly what I did, what the patient said before and after the massage, etc. This becomes part of his/her permanent record, so I have to be accurate and thorough. It's called CYA, Baby!
Wow, this has turned into another blog post, almost! Hope it helped.

Buck - walking? What's that? Honestly, I don't have time to walk to the office, plus I'm carrying all my supplies (I have to provide all the linens, etc.) In a perfect world I'd walk cheerfully to the office, with folks greeting me on all sides, and birds and butterflies flitting all around me. *sigh* Sometimes I wish I lived in a Disney musical!