Monday, June 08, 2009


Two interesting massages yesterday:

A regular client, who insists, along with his wife, that I do the massage completely backwards. (Starting face-up instead of face-down.) Honestly, it doesn't really make a difference to me, but it does throw my timing off slightly! I got to the end of the massage and still had five minutes left...but all therapists have tricks to draaaaaaaaaaw things out a bit! ;)

My last client of the day was a young man here for the WSOP (can I NEVER escape you?!), who requested a 90-minute deep tissue massage. He told me that he likes a LOT of pressure, so I lowered the table as far as it would go and really went to town on him, elbows leading the way. As I was working on his upper back, I heard a *snort*: he had fallen asleep! Talk about hardcore...anyone who can fall asleep with my elbow shoved up under his shoulder blade gets props for being tougher than the average sumo wrestler.

Other than these two clients, I had two very nice ladies, as well. One lady had never had a massage before, the other had never had a hot stone massage before, and I always love converting newbies! Tips were good, everyone was happy, including moi.

My favorite kind of day!


Buck said...

"...gets props for being tougher than the average sumo wrestler."

But was he BUILT like a Sumo wrestler? THAT would be work! :D

I'm glad your day was good. And profitable!

Christina RN LMT said...

Nope, but he did lift weights...he had the calluses to prove it, too!

Leslie said...

Well if I can make a comment about the first massage, I think starting face down is backwards. I actually start mine face up. The back is what people remember most and if you leave them with that and you did an awesome job than you will have many regulars, such as I. =)

Second massage, yeah I'm gonna say I've never had that happen with a deep tissue. He is definitely hardcore.