Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week Two...

at the chiropractor's office. I really, really like working there. And getting an adjustment on the house doesn't hurt, either!

I had two no-shows today, unfortunately. The doctor told me that from now on, if a patient is even five minutes late for his or her massage, to let him know. He'll find me another one from one of the patients he has in the back at the time. It's nice to know he wants to make sure I'm completely booked.

I even got a tip from one of my patients! She handed me a five and told me to get a coffee...*lol*

That's going into the kitty for Silver's trip to Freshman Orientation.

All in all, not a bad way to spend half my day.


I almost forgot a very embarrassing incident! I bring all my linens and have the use of gowns, towels, and face rest covers, which are provided by the office. I do have to take everything home with me and wash it myself. The gowns have velcro can see where I'm going with this, can't you?
Yup. I walked into the treatment room to find the patient holding one of my socks. She handed it to me saying, "This was stuck to my gown."


Talk about mortified! As a friend pointed out to me, it could have been worse, it could have been a lacy thong! This is true, but still. I'm resolved to check the gowns much more carefully when I fold them!


Buck said...

Heh. The velcro thing definitely made me smile!

I'm glad things are going well at the chiropractor's place. I also find it interesting that said chiropractors do "adjustments," like one does on some sort of electronic or mechanical device (not the first time I've heard the term, given as how my DIL's brother-in-law is one, and a very nice guy). For what that's worth.

Anonymous said...

That's nice of that person to make sure that you're completely booked!

Yeah, if it was a lacy thong...uh..bad picture in my head. Must. Not. Think.

Christina LMT said...

Buck, I'm sure I turned very red! Chiropractic's a mixed bag, as with anything really. A few very good ones, a few quacks, and a bunch of mediocre.

Tally, don't worry (I don't OWN any lacy thongs...;))

Anonymous said...

Lacy thong thing? Hoo Rah!!!


Christina LMT said...

No, Dick...that would have been the ultimate in humiliation.