Sunday, May 11, 2008

Smart Puppies!

My dogs are very, very smart. They figured out within a day or two what it means when I put on my beat-up, velcro park!

I love my pups.

Speaking of the dog park, the other evening, while Harley and Tucker were play-fighting and their hackles were raised all along their spines, a man came up to me and actually asked whether they were Rhodesian!

Sunny Lucas would be appalled!

She could eat my Italian Greyhounds as a snack, then look around for some pork treats.

I set the guy straight pretty darn quickly. Amateur.


Putz said...

do you know that most serious bloggers like dogs cats or birds....why?????because they love interaction with something warm and alive....i have four dogs and one mongrel cat,, by the way people with a cat are much calmer and i need that in today's world

Lin M. said...

Pre Yogi, I had a big pure white Samoyed husky named Sitka. I was driving down in rural Arkansas and stopped to use the restroom. The rest stop was pretty isolated but I had Sitka with me, not that he would help, more likely to slobber on a mugger, than anything. But he was HUGE. As I started walking back to my car, this large, rough looking fellow came around from a big truck and started walking towards me slowly. I didn't like his look, or intent, but I wasn't armed, as I was still married to a "no wife of mine is going to have a gun" idiot. He looks at me, then the dog, in the bed of the truck for some air, while I went to the restroom. The parking lot was deserted. He said. ."what kind of dog is that?". (You don't see too many Sammy's down in rural Arkansas) I looked at him, dead on, and said "it's not a dog. It's a Wolf"." And he high-tailed it out of there pronto.

Good boy Sitka!

Christina LMT said...

Putz - mongrel cat?! LOL!
I love my pups so much, just the way they greet me every day when I come home from work lifts my spirits.

Lin - DEFINITELY a good boy! That sounds like a scary situation, for sure. Glad the dude was scared off by the "wolf"...:)

Mauser*Girl said...

The question whether your pups are Rhodesian Ridgebacks needs to go on the list of "most stupid dog questions ever asked". Obviously, this person has never seen a Ridgeback. (Now, if your dogs were, say, Labradors, that question would be much more reasonable.)

My favorite thus far has come from a little girl who enquired whether my Abby was a Fox. And the various people who've come up to ask if she's "a K-9" as if that was a breed of dog rather than a job description.

Christina LMT said...

Well, MG, I was certainly flabbergasted! IGs have very smooth, short coats, so their hackles definitely stood out in comparison, but really! Ridgebacks? At 12 and 19 pounds, respectively? Puh-leaze!

I like the fox question, that's cute. Maybe the folks really want to know if she works for a K-9 squad, or something...?

phlegmfatale said...

the world is plumb et up with ignunce.

10% said...

Heck, I once had someone ask me if my Ridgeback was a dachshund. He was a puppy, but still. A dachshund?

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago....Bella (pic of my sweet GSD is on my page) is in the car with me...."Is that one of those wolfhounds?"....Hello???....if she is not a picture perect example of a German Shepherd I don't know what is? Plus she was wearing her K9 vest, LOL. (we had just come from a search training) Totally can't figure how a beautiful Italian Grey would be mistaken as a big Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Christina LMT said...

Okay, somebody needs to check their glasses, 10%! A ridgeback a WIENER DOG?! C'mon, people!

kvegas911 - some people are just talking to make conversation, they don't have a clue and don't care, they just want to get the ball rolling. That's my guess, anyway (when I'm feeling generous!)