Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The powers-that-be at the casino decided we needed a morale booster, so they set up the entire spa with tickets to a pool-side luau. Since it was my Friday yesterday, I decided to actually *gasp* have some alcohol.

I depended on the kindness of the bartender at the casino bar we hung out in before the luau. I asked him to mix me a drink where you couldn't actually taste the alcohol, 'cause I don't like it. He totally came through for me with rum punch! Rum, orange and pineapple juices, and grenadine. Mmmmm-mmmmm, good. I've actually found something I can drink and enjoy! Plus, I had two mai-tais at the luau itself, but I think they were watered down, because I didn't get smashed.

We were sitting in the cheap seats this time, last year they let us go in as VIPs, talk about a let-down! But it all worked out, since most of us had seen the show before, so it gave us a lot of time just to socialize, which is fun, fun, fun!

Here's a pic of me at the bar, I'd already finished my rum punch, but it hadn't kicked in yet:


and after the alcohol started taking effect...


notice how I didn't care anymore that you can see my braces when I smile...:)

Here's M., who coined the now-infamous phrase "taking the girls out for a walk".


B., the lead therapist (my supervisor) on the left, with her sister.


D., one of our two aestheticians, on the left, with HER sister. Now we're outside at the luau.


M. again, this time with K. Both of our lovely female spa attendants, together. It's a beautiful thing.


This one has to be my favorite, simply because of the potential for blackmail...the guy is my BOSS, R.!

About that raise...?


You can definitely tell in this picture that I've been drinking. I mean, look at my eyes! Too, too funny.

Anyhoo, thank you, oh mighty Powers-That-Be, for giving us this opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry...even in the cheap seats!


phlegmfatale said...

You look adorable and like you're having a grand time. Show those braces, girl! They'll be gone, soon! Glad you had such a lovely time

Chuck said...

Sure looks like y'all had a fun time! It's good to see some pictures of you. The smile is very warm, and I'm sure it even looks that way sober! lol

Btw, loved the pics of Silver from yesterday. I'm sure you're a proud mama!

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, Phlegmmy!

Annnnnnd, he's BACK! Hey, Chuck, what's UP?!

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

Lin M. said...

Looks like a very good time. The smile is beautiful, with the braces and all, you should smile more often.

Glad you all had fun.

Putz said...

GO TO BARLOWPUTZ.BLOGSPOT.COM right now for stuff about you vegas people

Christina LMT said...

Thank you, Lin! Most of the time, I forget I have the braces. It's just when the cameras come out I become self-conscious.

Mr.Putz, your wish is my command...

Breda said...

you are too cute - tooth jewelry!!

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, thing I need is a grill(e) with lots of bling!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from the cheap seats!!

Christina LMT said...

Howdy, David!

Lin said...

Now that looked like plain ol' fun! And I think the Rum Punch looks great on you, brings out that wonderfully mischievous smile!

Christina LMT said...

Lin, we had a blast. And getting a wee bit of a buzz is not a bad thing!

Thanks for the compliment!