Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Silver was walking along Tropicana on Saturday, on her way to her SAT tutoring session at the local take-shitloads-of-my-tip-money-for-tutoring place, when some yahoo in a passing car threw a rock (at her? I'm not sure) out the window and nailed her on her ankle.

After the wailing was over, she limped on bravely, put an ice pack on it, and didn't even tell me about it until I got home that night. It's a lovely shade of purple right now.

My question is: Should I report this (or should I have reported it) to any authorities? Silver doesn't remember what the car looked like, or the people inside the car, and she certainly didn't get a license plate number while writhing on the ground in pain. Plus she's not seriously injured.

Of course, she could have been hit in the face or head, or in the eye, so she's definitely lucky. And, hey, there are daily drive-by shootings in other parts of Vegas, so we're lucky on that score, as well.

Any advice or suggestions?


Blondefabulous said...

Yes, report it. These idiots may be doing the same thing to other people, and even though she doesn't remember much, they may have struck seversl times on the same occassion. The more incidents a cop has to pile up against a perp, the better chances the cops have to nailing the idiots who did it. It was assault with a deadly weapon, plain and simple. I hope she feels better.

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, B.F. I appreciate the advice, and she IS feeling better.

SFC B said...

I agree about reporting the incident. As Blondefabulous said, if it is someone who has done it before, or will do it again, it provides some information which might be of use. And if it was just some dumb thing (I'd never throw something out my window on city streets; do it on the highway so it bounces better!) no offense to Officer Gary, but that's what the damned cops are there to do; record petty complaints!

Putz said...

if i can be arrested for DOG AT LARGE, those hoodlums can be reported on for throwing rocks at people

Lin M. said...

Report it, I agree, even if it's nothing more than a date and a time an place, it all factors into creating a profile, should they advance to something more damaging, which those types usually do.

If the police make little of it, don't take offense, they may well be working on other things, requiring attention, but it won't be disregarded.

phlegmfatale said...

Yes, absolutely DO report it. It's horrific how nasty people can be. I'd like to break a foot off in their asses, just on principle.