Friday, May 02, 2008


I had a busy day today (yay, money!), but only two clients stand out in my memory.
The first was a lady who'd never had a massage before (yay, massage newbies!), and she had booked a package that included a 25-minute shoulder, neck, and back massage.
I believe I've mentioned the nifty rolling stools we therapists have in each treatment room; we use them at the end of the massage, when we're doing the neck, face, and scalp. When not in use, the stools are usually shoved as far under the table as they'll go, at the head of the table, underneath the face rest the clients use...

Yup, my client left a puddle of drool on my stool (ha! A rhyme...I'm a poet and didn't know it!). I laughed my ass off when I saw it, luckily before I sat down. Thankfully this was after the session had ended, otherwise, had I needed to use the stool during the massage, I probably wouldn't have seen the drool in the dark and would have sat on it.

The other client was only remarkable in her toes. I don't think I've mentioned it HERE, but I really, really am disturbed by French pedicures. They creep me out for some reason. Not only did this lady have one, but her toes were freakishly long and thin. Maybe it's just that I'm used to seeing the typical, stubby toes that sorta have a ball at the end, but to me, her toes looked very weird.

Well, that's today's client wrap-up! Otherwise a lucrative yet uneventful day.


Lin said...

Then I take it that you're not going to expand into massages for boxer dogs or other canine droolers?
Hey - I bet there would be a market for it though with some pet-owners, I'm not kidding!

Christina LMT said...

Lin, there already IS pet massage! They actually teach it at the university here. What's really, really huge, if you can get the training, is equine massage. HUGE.
Think of all those race horses, getting massages. Big bucks!
What's really funny is that I find myself automatically doing massage strokes when I pet my dogs! I think they enjoy it...:)

Lin said...

Gosh, I should have known that it already existed. I was equally surprised when I found out that there are horse chiropractors! I can't imagine how you would 'adjust' a critter that big.

My cats definitely eat up a thorough back massage. You can feel them get all rubbery relaxed and almost hear them say "Oh yeah, right there ..."

Christina LMT said...

And we can't forget the Japanese, with their kobe beef cattle. Those cows get massaged all day long, just to improve the eventual meat.

Putz said...

i feel embarased and so self righteous, and i don't mean to come off like thaat, honest....i knew chocolate had caffene in it, and so i am a caffene adict as much as a coffee drinker...and am as weak as the best or worst...i look up to you because you are trying to be strong and good and right and totally kick the cafine habit...kudos for you and i am so sorry i came on so strong

HollyB said...

I massage my dawgs necks. My BooBaby LOVES it.
Now, Tipper Boy, he's so big, LaPhlegm calls him my Kobe Beef Dawg. But he is losing weight. So he's just a big, black dawg who gets lots of rubs now.

HollyB said...

I was rereading this you mean her toes were long like monkey toe long...where she could use them to pick stuff up? Those fascinate a weird way.
My big toes will prolly gross you out...I'll just let you wonder why.

Christina LMT said...

Her toes were long and thin and looked like fingers hanging on the end of her feet! Probably really fascinating to you...she was just missing the opposable big toe!

Gross big toes? Now you've made me curious...!