Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So sad.

The tip gods have not been smiling on me. Perhaps I have offended? Maybe I should burn more dollar bills on my altar?

Who knows, but I hope things improve. Here's an example of tip crappiness. I brought in $385 on Saturday (I get 25%), but I only made $20 all day in tips. I didn't find out until today, since B., who has the key to the tip-box, was on vacation on Saturday.

One person stiffed me, one person left me 10 dollars, and two others left me five.


On a more cheerful note, Silver, who is all growed-up and everything with a debit card now, actually whipped it out on Friday and paid for our dinner at Applebee's!

I made our waiter laugh with my reaction. It involved lots of hooting, cheering, and I believe even some arm-waving and fist-pumping.

I took care of the tip. (Tip karma, see?) It was a very generous one, natch, since our server was excellent.

Completely unrelated, but nevertheless amusing...

I thought something like this was an isolated incident of idiocy...WRONG!

I was on the phone with a lady who runs a business teaching CPR (I need to re-certify), and I just wanted to confirm the location.

Me: It's on the South-East corner of Spring Valley and Polaris, right?

Her: Well, that depends whether you're coming from the 15 or the West side of town.

Me: *mother-bleepin' idiots, when are they going to learn...what do they teach in school these days?!?!* Um, okay...

Her: If you're coming from the 15, it's on the left, if you're coming from the West side of town, it'll be on your right.

Me: *Isn't that what I just SAID?!* Okay, thanks.


phlegmfatale said...

Silver so totally rocks! I'm sure the Mount Olympus of the tip-gods was merely in retrograde that day. It'll be better'n'that mostly. Don't be discouraged!

I detest speaking with directionally challenged people while I'm trying to clarify directions. Good thing I can't bitch-slap them through the phone.

Christina LMT said...

Good thing I can't bitch-slap them through the phone.

It would be soooooo satisfying if you could though, wouldn't it?!

The Egel Nest said...

Educate me please...what is a relatively responsible tip for your will help me in the future :)

The Egel Nest

Christina LMT said...

15-20% is excellent. Anything is appreciated, even if I bitch about it here! Basically what you'd leave in a restaurant, but it really depends whether you enjoyed yourself or not. What's also cool is if the spa has comment cards the clients can fill out, then the therapists get feedback (positive OR negative), and the bosses can get suggestions from the guests on how to make improvements, etc.

phlegmfatale said...

Yes, in a perfect future, we WILL be able to bitch-slap through the foams.