Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Embarrassment at the EDR*, and Karma

*Employee Dining Room

A. and I were getting ready to eat lunch today when I humiliated myself quite thoroughly.

The dining room was packed, so I snagged a table by placing my tray on it before heading over to get a drink. A. was at the salad bar, and I was facing that way with the drink station to my left and the tables to the right. I said, "A., we're over there...", while swinging my right arm up and around to point to our table...

Yup, you guessed it. Somebody was walking right past me. It was a housekeeper (i.e. maid), and I nailed the cup of water on her lunch tray, splashing the whole thing right into her face, down the front of her uniform, and all over the floor. I wanted to die right there. But I apologized instead, even though I don't think she understood most of my babble, and helped clean up the mess. Thankfully it wasn't hot coffee, soda, or orange juice. That really would have been worse, and it was bad enough as it is.

A few minutes later karma came into play. (At least, that's what A. thinks!)

I like putting a crapload of Tabasco sauce on the fried chicken I get. It makes the EDR chicken more palatable. I guess there's Tabasco residue on the cap and the outside of the bottle, because when I rubbed my eye with my left pointer finger...YOWCH!

"Master, it burns....!"

It took the rest of my lunch hour for the burning to completely subside.

Serves me right. I obviously have to be more careful in the dining room!


Sonja said...

Reminds me of eating a green bean in my Indian food. A single, solitary green bean, that turned out to be not a green bean at all but instead a vicious, evil, very, very hot pepper.
Of course, this happened on an airplane. At least, I had some yogurt to cool down my burning tongue with.
I wonder who I "burned" to have Karma do that to me?!

Christina LMT said...

Karma's a bitch. I too have been fooled by peppers before, especially when eating chili and you think a pepper is a bean or a hunk of tomato.

phlegmfatale said...

awww, poor lamb - you totally didn't deserve that!

Christina LMT said...

I certainly don't recommend it!