Friday, February 29, 2008

Crazy Impulse

Have you ever had a crazy, impulsive thought cross your mind? One that if implemented would get you in a world of trouble?

I had one of those today, out of the blue.

There are a lot of meeting/conference rooms located on the same floor as the spa, and we had a staff meeting scheduled in one of them this afternoon. A lady who is hawking a new skin care line was to give a demonstration/training class, and she had a boatload of products that needed to be carted to the room, so of course I volunteered to help (I'm SUCH a brown-noser!)

I think I made three trips all together, and had to pass a room where some company was having a conference. Coincidentally, they were taking a break, and two gentlemen were in the hallway chatting. The one guy wasn't even a blip on my radar, as I was mesmerized by his friend. He was a really big dude (just how I like 'em!), and had a very deep voice. He also had an eclair in one hand and was noshing on it as they spoke. By my third trip he had finished his snack, but apparently got some of the eclair filling on his thumb, and he paused to lick it off as I walked by...

I had an insane, almost overpowering urge to grab his hand and say, "Hey, let ME take care of that for you!" I really, really wanted to. But of course I just kept on going, since I also really, really need to keep my job.



Chuck said...

You never know. He may have liked it had you suked it off his thumb. You may have walked right past your future husband and now you've blown it....Blown it by not sucking it.


Christina LMT said...

You are a master with words, Chuck...dirty words!

Yeah, I'll always think of what might have been...


phlegmfatale said...

I would've said something like "need some help with that, cowboy?" or something equally flirtatious. I can't help blurting that kind of crap. Then again, in plays or at the opera, I always have to fight the urge to run around yodeling like a ninny.

Christina LMT said...

Yeah, maybe I'd have said something if I hadn't been at work. He sure was cute.

"yodeling like a ninny"? Nonsense!
It would only add a ne sais quoi to the procedings, I'm certain!