Sunday, February 10, 2008

My dream crushed again...

I was leaving class Thursday night, and I passed right by a bulletin board filled with notices, ads for cheap text books, roommate wanted signs, etc.

One notice stood out. It was a "Musicians Wanted" ad about a new heavy metal band. The music was already written, now they just needed the actual musicians and a lead singer.

As I'm reading down the list of their requirements, I'm already building fantasies in my head. I see myself on-stage, screaming out the lyrics to a writhing mass of fans, head-banging with the rest of the band, wearing spandex and torn denim. And leather, can't forget the leather.

Then I get to the very bottom of the page. "Age requirement: 24 years or younger"

Ageist bastards.


phlegmfatale said...

Ah, when young-- I thought Pat Benatar was pretty much the ultimate. I still think she kicks ass. Never bought one of her albums, though. I spose we should start our own extreme rock act when you get to Texas someday. We could call ourselves the House-frows, er, sumpthin'. sprechen-sie hausfrau, baby? We could set an age restriction for our ad for bandmates like "must be out of diapers and weaned" "no whiners", etc.

Christina LMT said...

How about the Frumps? Or maybe the Grumps? The Crankies?

Hey, as long as they're out of baby-diapers and not in Depends yet, everyone is welcome!