Thursday, September 13, 2007

Messing with people's heads!

While I was working the front desk today, a couple came in to look around the fitness area and ask some questions.

I could tell from the gentleman's accent that they were from Germany, and when they started talking, I answered their questions in German.

It took them at least thirty seconds to realize I was speaking German to them, and it was a lot of fun to see the shocked expression on their faces!

The only time I refrain from mentioning my knowledge of the language is when Swiss people come into the spa...their dialect is pretty much incomprehensible to me!

The folks today were from Bavaria...that's difficult enough for a Berliner to decipher!

The only problem I had is switching back and forth. The gentleman requested a tour of the men's spa, of course I can't go in there, so I paged the attendant.
When he didn't show within thirty seconds (I demand rapid response!), I turned to ask my co-worker D. where he was.

I said, "Wo ist R.?"...oops!

The Germans found it amusing, needless to say!

In other news, a lady flew in from Houston via Beverly Hills today, needing a gentle massage recommended by her plastic surgeon after her liposuction procedure.
You'd think she would know to go to a medical spa of some sort, not come to a hotel spa!

She left soiled bandages for us to dispose of, bled all over the place, caused us to have to call security and file an incident report, and made it necessary for housekeeping to sterilize everything she came in contact with.
Not to mention discarding her robe (which was new), and all the sheets and towels she used.

She was very nice, though, albeit hopped up on painkillers and alcohol, and tipped A. 10 bucks.

We really do get all sorts here. Well, it certainly keeps things interesting.


Chuck said...

Pretty funny about the Germans....pretty gross about the lipo lady. Now why would someone come and get a massage when they know there's a good chance they could leak bodily fluids everywhere? Hell, if I had a bad case of the shits I sure wouldn't want to go lay on a massage table with there being a chance I might squirt a little! I don't see there's much difference between the two.

Christina RN LMT said...

Apparently it's recommended after lipo to get light massage AROUND the incision area.
Helps break up adhesions and prevents scar tissue from forming.
But why not go to a medical spa?
Plus, A. told me this woman looked like the bride of Frankenstein when unclothed...scars everywhere!
Some people get addicted to plastic surgery, she told A. this was the second time she'd had lipo on her belly!

Dick said...

I used to be fluent about twenty years back, now not so much. I imagine it wouldn't take long to pick it up again though.

Christina RN LMT said...

Dick - especially if you're in the country!
I was fluent in Korean, too, when I was in the Air Force, it was my job, but I only know a few phrases now.
I'm sure I could pick that up, too, if I took some classes, etc.

phlegmfatale said...

cute - about the Germans!

EWWWW! Ultra-disgusting about the post-surgery massage. Fucking nasty, in fact. How revolting. WTF was she thinking? *shudder*

Christina RN LMT said...

Phlegm, I think she wasn't.
Thinking that is!
She was probably higher than a kite from all her meds, and the spa attendant, J., said she smelled alcohol on her breath.
It was very gross, and we probably should have refused her service, but hind-sight is always twenty/twenty, no?