Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saturday (the 15th, not the 22nd)

Well, since I'm so lame as to post about something I did that happened over a week ago, I'm going to be extra-cruel and post pictures!


So, Silver and I, after I got home from work, headed over here to join some friends for a delicious meal, then we went over here for some cosmic bowling.

There were wildfires in California at the time, and the smoke caused a spectacular sunset, which Silver captured with our cheapo camera. Not bad, huh?

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We bowled two games, but due to some mysterious ailment which caused me to, hmmm, how do I put this delicately? Rapidly and forcefully void my bowels, I missed the entire second game.
I suck at bowling, anyway, but I still would have loved to play.
I was so out of it after my "little episode" that my friend, N. had to drive me home while his wife, C. and son, Z. followed in their vehicle.

Here's N. in a contemplative pose (I think he's strategizing his game!)

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And here's my old friend, C., N.'s wife. We worked together in our TWO previous places of employment! She calls this pic "Cheesecake"!

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Here's their offspring, Z., looking demonic!

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And my daughter Silver, in her favorite men's dragon shirt:

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She and Z. get along like a house on fire (whatever the hell that means!), even though there is an over 5 years age difference between them.

Silver is definitely not your typical teenage girl, and that's a GOOD thing!

Here is Dr. Kevin, who wanted me to put his whole frickin' name but got boycotted by moi! He is a former boss but definitely then, now and always a friend.

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He's so goofy, but he just can't help it, Folks!
In the background of his pic you see this lady, R., Dr. Kevin's wife and a new friend to all of us!

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Last but definitely not least is H., our organizer. Without her, we'd probably always SAY we need to get together, but never manage to actually schedule or arrange anything. She's our hero!

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Here's a shot of H. and Dr. Kevin, mugging for the camera.
I have no clue who that dumb broad is in the background, she just jumped in as the picture was being taken.

The nerve of some people!

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So that was my Saturday night, a week and a half ago.

How's that for up-to-date blogging, People?


Chuck said...

Ain't nothing better than pictorial blog posts! Looks like a fun time...even the bowel evacuation kinda sounds like a blast! lol

Christina RN LMT said...

"a blast"...well, that's one way to put it...!


I can laugh about it now, but at the time...NOPE!

phlegmfatale said...

Age entirely aside, Silver is obviously just an exceptional human being - so clever - and being cute doesn't hurt either. She's a contemporary thinker.

YOu've gotta love bowling: the roar of the ball in the lane, the crashing of the pins, polyester-on-polyester... SWEET!

Christina RN LMT said...

Phlegm, bowling frustrates me in some ways. I love to do it, but I have no control over what happens!

I can get strike or spare, one after another, or gutterball after gutterball. I just don't get it!

It's defintely fun, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that "cheesecake" chick is kinda cute. Even with her grey hair. YIKES!! Needs a color consult STAT.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog.

Christina RN LMT said...

I dunno, muffin...looks blonde to me!

And thanks, I appreciate it!