Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Marching Band, wheeeee!

Okay, here are the pictures I threatened you with promised you.

Of course, I'll have way cooler pics the first Friday in October, 'cause it's HOMECOMING!!!

The band will have their brand-spankin' new uniforms, and they'll perform their entire competition show at half-time. I can't wait!

Here's Silver, taking a break.

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And here she is, working hard.

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Here's the cute caution tape they found somewhere that they use to section off bleachers for the band.

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More posts and pics to follow about Saturday night. Live from...oh, wait. Wrong show.


phlegmfatale said...

Very cool! I played piccolo in marching band. Silver is adorable! Can't wait for the full report.

Christina RN LMT said...

Piccolo, huh?
I think there's only one piccolo player in Silver's band...must be a prestigious gig!
Suits you to a tee.

Silver has her adorable moments, thanks. She's pretty photogenic.

She always has those huge googly eyes...she got those from Dad!
That's why she wants the crazy color hair...she says she already resembles an anime character, so why not go for the complete look?!
It seems the school district relaxed the dress code regarding hair color, so she's probably going to go purple.
The blue fades quickly and turns sorta turquoise, plus her roots show pretty badly.
Plus, purple is one of her school colors, too.
Now she just has to see what the band director says about the color, if he okays it, we're off to the hairdresser.