Friday, September 28, 2007

I wanna...

I really, really want to attend this class.

With my daughter.

Unfortunately, I don't have a few grand lying around collecting dust.

Maybe when I massage a slumming billionaire, who is so taken by my skills he hires me to be his personal massage therapist for a cool million a year, I'll be able to afford it.


What I'm reading right now:

This awesome book by Naomi Novik, fourth in the Temeraire series, which has been optioned by Peter Jackson, YOU know, the LOTR and King Kong guy, to be made into a movie!

I've always enjoyed reading historical novels set in this time period, mainly romances, so sue me! The juxtaposition of the Napoleonic Wars and dragons really trips my trigger.


I also started this one, book number four of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.

I have no clue how I missed this series the first time around, it really escapes me (pun intended, hyuk-hyuk!).

I also just finished reading the new Daisy Dalrymple mystery, by Carola Dunn, which is a part of a cozy mystery series set in England between the World Wars.

Extremely historically detailed, very well plotted and written.

I recommend highly!

I know it seems like I read a lot, but to me this is merely a trickle compared to the tsunami of reading I'm capable of.

At my last job, if we weren't busy, I could surf the 'net or read, whatever I wanted.

It was COOL.

I live in the real world now, where it is frowned upon (and usually leads to termination) to be caught reading on the job.

Woe is me, I don't have enough time for books (that's why stuff like the following happens, I'm too busy reading to use a knife and fork!)

Snippet reposted from 9/17/07:

At lunch I learned, again, that I should put my book down once in a while, especially if I'm going to be eating pork ribs.

Barbecue pork ribs.

I had the book in my right hand and the rib in my left, when the barbecue sauce caused the rib to slip right through my fingers, onto my chest.

Gravity took over and the tasty, yet stupid thing rolled merrily to the floor, leaving a trail of bright, brick-red barbecue sauce behind, all the way down my khaki uniform shirt.

In massage news:

I massaged a lady today who had a miscarriage two days ago.

To say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement!

Not necessarily doing the massage, but I had to ask her all sorts of icky questions first, like was she still bleeding heavily (duh), was she cramping (actually, no), had the fetal tissue passed (yes, which is great, 'cause I really didn't want it to happen on my massage table), how far along had she been (nine weeks, GULP!).

She seemed very calm, which made sense after she explained that they had known it was going to happen, just not exactly when.

I also massaged a redneck.


His back was pale with a sprinkling of freckles, but from the base of his neck (about where a shirt collar would leave off!) up into his hair, his skin was tomato red.

Including his ears.

No sunburn, just long-term sun damage, I assume.

Oh, well. I hope he goes to his dermatologist regularly, to check for cancers...

That's all for now, hope you have a great weekend!


BTW...did any of you notice how many links I added in this post?


Well, I did them all by myself! I'm so proud, I didn't have to ask my daughter for help ONCE.


phlegmfatale said...

Well, at least the miscarriage thing wasn't as bad as it might have been for her (i.e, farther along and/or unexpected). I'm sure you did her a world of good though. And the redneck guy who has to worry about cancer all the time, too.

Oh, I posted another friday post (below the Broke Trek) venting about bullshit at my job - I'd love your opinion of the situation.

Christina RN LMT said...

Righto, Phlegm!

I'll be right over...