Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

A year ago today, my puppy was born.

Around April, I started looking for puppies, I did my research, found the breeder I wanted, and checked out the available pups on-line, and came across this picture...


And fell in love. The rest, as they say, is history!

For his birthday, he got his very first McDonald's hamburger, without the bun!


I tried to get his picture with the cute Valentine's Day antennae I got him, but he never stood still long enough for me to manage it, so here are two other shots from today.



Anyone who lives with dogs knows exactly how I feel about my pups, so I'm not going to blather on about how much they mean to me. I'll just say that I can't imagine life without them, and leave it at that.

In case anyone is wondering, my dogs are Italian Greyhounds (you know, the little ones, not the Greyhounds that chase the electric bunny on the race track!)
Tucker is a bruiser (for his breed) and tops out at 18 pounds, Harley is average at around 13 pounds.


Mauser*Girl said...

He's just a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, Mauser*Girl!

I don't know what I did with myself B.D. (Before Dogs)!

Whatever it was, I must've been bored.

phlegmfatale said...

What a handsome little fellow he is, too! Congratulations on his birthday!

Breda said...

what a sweet baby picture! AWW! =)

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, Phlegmmy!

Breda, I almost died from the cuteness!