Friday, March 11, 2011


my client, that is.

Bone cancer in remission.
Degenerative disc disease.
Donated a kidney a few years back.
Herniated discs in lumbar area.
Swollen ankle of unknown etiology.

As a matter of fact, pretty much the only thing that ISN'T circled "yes" on her intake form is "Diabetes"...

She insists that she doesn't want any of that "deep massage", and is very particular about fragrances and the heat of the table and room.

Is she the kind of client who makes me grumble a bit initially? Perhaps. But she's also the client who benefits the MOST from massage.

I enjoy doing "frou-frou" relaxation massages, but it's this kind of massage, the truly therapeutic kind, that keeps me motivated and interested.

Because seeing this client walk up to the reception after the massage, with much more ease and with a smile on her face, really made my day. And when she hugged me, well, that was just the icing.


Keads said...

Good on you young lady! I actually had my primary Doctor prescribe massages for me and they helped! I still go back to them even though the directions I got were: "Know where the liquor store is in town? Great, right across the street from that."

Old NFO said...

That's great Christina! Sometimes it's the little things that truly matter.

Scott McCray said...

Christina - you do know you are one of the *good ones*, right? Just sayin'...

Farmmom said...

You do a fantastic therapeutic massage! I should know. :D

Guffaw in AZ said...

I'm diabetic, and have 'neuropathy issues'. Even when I could afford heavy meds, walking, standing and even sitting can be excruciating.
When I have extra funds, not often recently, I go to a local LMT who is is AMAZING. 55 minutes later, I can stand upright and walk out, with NO PAIN for usually the remainder of the day. Therapeutic massage is WONDERFUL! If I hugged him, he'd probably refund my pain, though. I can only hope to try your therapeutic services some day...

'Drea said...

That's very cool that you can ease the pain of someone with such serious medical conditions.

Most massage therapists should go straight to heaven. We won't talk about the 10% who shouldn't. ;)

Brigid said...

I get a massage about every six weeks. After about six months at the place the therapist said "you're doing really well for someone that broke her neck". HUH.

Apparently there are two women with my name, we both live on the same block.

Probably explained why they were careful about that area.

You brought that lady, I'm sure, some real benefit, it's why you do what you do, and why you are going to be one heck of an awesome nurse.

Suldog said...

Well, you had me fooled there for a moment. I thought you were going to complain about her, and then you end up with a feel-good. Nice!

I have to get a massage, soon. I am carrying about as much tension in my neck and shoulders as I ever have. I'm not sure why. No big problems lately or anything. Still, it's there and getting worse.

Putz said...

weellll well christine, do you remember the ole putz?????do you ever miss vegas???

Zelda said...

You are truly a good person. So many would balk at this type of client (including me). It always impresses me when someone can step outside of themselves and see the true purpose of their job.

Christina LMT said...

Thanks so much, Everyone!

Farmmom, I will massage you again, yes I will!

GFA, it sounds like you found a fabulous massage therapist. Too many people think massage is frivolous. If only MORE people knew how beneficial massage really is!

Brigid, that is very sloppy record keeping. Just sayin'.

Jim, I like to keep my readers on their toes. ;)
Go get a massage soon!

Putz, how could I possibly forget you?!

Zelda, I know you're a fantastic massage therapist and a truly compassionate person. Don't sell yourself short.