Sunday, March 06, 2011

7 things...

Mike tagged me a few days ago with this lovely meme, and I've been wracking my brains to come up with stuff that I haven't already spilled here or otherwise widely disseminated, but I'll give it a shot!

1.My cursive handwriting really sucks, because I skipped 3rd grade, and that's when you spend weeks and weeks practicing cursive. (Actually, my handwriting just really sucks, full stop.)

2.When I was about 12, I got locked in the library at Tempelhof Airbase in Berlin. My brothers were across the landing at the Rec Center, playing D & D, and I had to bang on the door to get their attention. After pointing and laughing for a while, they got the security police, who did not have a key to the library. The poor librarian, who had just made it home, had to come all the way back across town to let me out.

3.I worked in a chocolate factory for two weeks when I was 18. It turned me off of chocolate for quite some time, but not forever. Mmmmmmm, chocolate...

4.I once collected signatures for Greenpeace and helped the ban of the sale of seal fur be put in place in Europe.

5.In tenth grade, I skipped school (all of us did, it was officially known as "Tag der Schulen" [Day of the Schools]) and marched on Kreuzberg city hall to protest nuclear weapons. "SS20, Pershing Zwei, nieder mit der Schweinerei!"

6.I've been to many countries in Europe, but never made it to England. I had several opportunities, but declined because I already spoke English, so why would I want to go there? :facepalm: Man, was I a stupid kid!

7.On my 17th birthday, a boy I knew busted into the classroom where I was taking a Latin exam and handed me a three page love letter and a bouquet of flowers, then left. His best friend ended up being my first boyfriend (I already had a crush on him at that time), but I still have the letter. :)

I'm not going to tag anyone else, because most everyone I know has been tagged already by someone else!


Old NFO said...

Those are different, and yeah, you SHOULD have gone to England!

Mike W. said...

great post! Thanks for playing Christina. I hear ya on the handwriting. Mine is like chickenscratch.

I had trouble narrowing mine down to only 7. Didn't include some of the more juicy stuff like getting chased by the cops when I was 17, getting arrested along with 3 girls in a hottub etc. etc.

Christina RN LMT said...

Old NFO, I still kick myself over that to this day. I will make it over there someday!

Mike, I had some issues with that, too. I deleted quite a number of things, and no, I'm not telling! ;)

Mike W. said...

oh, you're no fun! :P