Thursday, March 10, 2011


Where to begin?

I had SUCH a good time! An epic birthday, in fact. I think I'll take a leaf out of Phlegmmy's book and just declare that the entire trip was in celebration of my birthday, how's that?

I had a birthday cake, the first for me in twenty years (I believe). It even had CANDLES. Which I blew out! I received lovely gifts, including a hand-made card and a painting of a sunrise/sunset (I got to choose what it is!).

And I got a KINDLE. A KINDLE!!! I've wanted one for years and years. And YEARS. :)

I got a tour of Boston, including riding the T, and I wandered Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall, where I had some yummy American GREEK food. ;) I also marveled at the ridiculously inflated parking prices, which left me slightly yearning for all the free parking in Las Vegas.


This is also when I captured the iconic image of the "Boston Shun Bench"!

I got to meet two of my very favorite bloggers, too. SO. MUCH. FUN.

One evening my wonderful hosts took me on a surprise laser-tag mission, where I went by the name "Zoomie" and naturally kicked major ass. I came in fifth out of 38 people, and ended up being whupped by ten-year-old boys. I get a wee bit competitive in situations like that, as my hosts' nine-year-old daughter discovered, to her chagrin...

"Miss Christina, do you want to be on our team?"

(I think about it for a split second.)



(No, I wasn't really that mean. Not QUITE that mean, anyway...)


Then we went for ice cream...nomnomnom. In general, there was much feasting going on, though I hope I kept things under some modicum of control.

We watched "The Last Airbender" (because we're fans of the TV show) and gave it the MST3K treatment, which was better than it deserves ("Ptooey!"), and I got sore playing Wii Fit. Those balance "games" kicked my butt!

At a few points amidst the frivolity of my visit, I managed to give my hosts massages, which doesn't even come close to repaying their kindness to me, but I tried.

All in all, despite doing some surfing down a flight of stairs on Tuesday morning before my departure and getting a bit banged up, this was a wonderful, marvelous trip. I can't wait to go back to New England, I just hope it'll be warmer next time...and greener!


Weer'd Beard said...

Was SO Much fun seeing you!

You should come back here when the weather doesn't suck!

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a birthday to remember! :-)

Guffaw in AZ said...

Souns as if you had a great time. Good for you!

Suldog said...

Argh! I am so sad I wasn't around to do the meet with you. MY WIFE and I had a good time where we were, but still, I like to meet my blog buds. Maybe some other time, when we get to your neck of the woods, or you return here...