Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prison Movie

Just got back from the dog park, where we spent the last half-hour watching our two puppies fend off a Yorkshire terrier with obvious homosexual rape fantasies.

If it wasn't trying to fellate our dogs, it was humping them, regardless of which body part it was mounting.

Capt. Kirk, as my daughter christened it (for its promiscuity) followed us all over the dog park, wherever we tried to flee.

On one hand I was really annoyed and irritated, because my dogs were just trying to play and have fun, and I wanted them to get worn out so they wouldn't be hyper at home, and Capt. Kirk was putting a major crimp in our plans.

On the other hand, I felt sorry for this dog who obviously had not been well socialized as a puppy, because it apparently had no clue at all how to play with other dogs.

The owners, instead of trying to correct its behavior, or redirect it somehow, spent the entire time alternately watching and taking pictures with their camera phone.

I'm so far from being a dog expert, it's not funny, but I know this sort of behavior went beyond the typical dominance/hierarchy activities dogs perform.

The saddest part of all this was at the very end of our visit to the park, when our pups started playing with a feisty Pomeranian, and Capt. Kirk just kept trying to chase Harley and Tucker down and mount them, while they were ignoring him completely to focus on their new playmate.

Hopefully Capt. Kirk will not be there tomorrow!

Maybe I should pack a water gun...

And advise my dogs not to drop the soap.


DBA Dude said...

After I read the post I could not get thoughts of Oz out of my brain for a good while.

The Yorkie's owners personalities are displayed by their dog.

Mauser*Girl said...

I can only say that the owners of this dog are extremely lucky people.

They are lucky because their dog has not been torn to shreds yet. Why? Because the other dogs at the park are apparently all very well socialized and very well behaved to put up with this menace and his constant display of dominance (and that's exactly what humping is outside of mating season).

For some reason, people like these owners go to the dog park and pay absolutely no attention to what their dogs are doing ... then they wonder what's going on if their dog ends up in a fight and blame the other owners.

IMHO, next time you see this dog and he's bothering one of your dogs, there are several things you can do.

If your park has a supervisor or volunteer supervisor, tell them that this dog is being dominant and bothering your dog. Ask them to talk to the owners.

Second suggestion, physically remove their dog from your dog and put it down elsewhere. If it comes back again, chase it off making loud noise, clapping, yelling, etc.

Third suggestion, physically remove their dog from yours, hand it over to the owners, and ask them to keep their dog away from yours because it's being dominant and bothering your dogs who are just trying to play. Inform them they need to watch their dog and stop inappropriate behavior or that they should not be at the park if they can't be bothered. Tell them how quickly their dog could end up getting hurt if he keeps this up.

As they will be taking this the completely wrong way, your last step may be telling them to go f*** themselves. I know how upset these idiot owners get when you tell them they're being idiot owners. I've had a couple confrontations like that at the park ... albeit with owners of dogs that were aggressive, as in showing teeth and starting fights.

I will say that this type of dog and this type of owner is exactly why I no longer subject my dog to the dog park.

Christina RN LMT said...

dba dude - never watched Oz, so can't comment on that! But the owners were pretty irresponsible, as Mauser*Girl says, the dog is lucky it hasn't been shredded yet.

Mauser*Girl, thanks so much for the advice.
I picked up MY dogs several times and moved clear across the park, but Capt. Kirk would just follow.
I did try to speak to the owners, I said to them, "Doesn't your dog know how to play without humping incessantly?!", but they apparently don't speak English, because they just nodded and laughed uncertainly.
I did push their dog away with my hands a few times, too, but didn't feel comfortable picking it up.
I won't hesitate next time!
What's funny is that Capt. Kirk reminded me of Goldilocks, because it ignored the larger AND the smaller dogs, and focused on mine because they were just right!
My dogs are Italian Greyhounds, so certainly they could have outrun this sawed-off runt, but they seemed bewildered instead. Harley did growl and nip at it once, but Tucker just kept trying to get away.

Christina RN LMT said...

Oh, and there's no volunteer or supervisor or anything at the park, and this is the first time we've run into any problems with other dogs (kids are another story, however, and I have no problem telling them to leave the dogs alone!)

Dick said...

Yeah, I would have probably punted the little shit.

Cake Lady said...

I doubt a water gun would do the trick. I would opt for the hose pipe...ooops....that Southern thing slipped out. Opt for the garden hose.

Christina RN LMT said...

Dick, too funny!!!

Silver kept threatening to do just that!

I talked her out of it, I can't afford to be sued...

Cake Lady, I have a powerful squirt bottle, and I'm not afraid to use it!

phlegmfatale said...

That's hilarious - Captain Kirk. It's too bad when owners don't socialize their dog, because the world has got to be bewildering and scary to a dog that doesn't understand the rules.