Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Friday night was the night of the Homecoming Game at my daughter Silver's high school.
It was also part of the festivities for the reunion of the Class of '97.

They should have picked a different game to go to, 'cause the home team got SPANKED.

Not that I'm averse to spanking under certain other circumstances, but this was just wrong!

We played one of the local parochial schools, and I don't know if it's the nuns swatting them with rulers, or what, but those kids kicked major ass.

They beat us 54 to 6.

Last year, thankfully not at Homecoming, they whupped us 76 to 12, so I say it's an improvement, since the gap is closing. My daughter calls "bullshit".

Here are some pictures of the band in their brand-new uniforms, unveiled for the first time at this game, just to cleanse your palate of the taste of defeat.

Silver playing some tunes:

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They eschewed the plumes that normally adorn their hats, since it was extremely windy and they didn't want to lose them.

Here's Silver on a break, followed by some random band geeks (band geeks of the world, unite!):

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You all have a great week (tomorrow is MY Monday, so I reserve the right to say that today!)


Chuck said...

Ah, band geeks....I remember them well.

Sounds like a real bad spanking was had. How does her school stack up against the other competitors?

4chun Cookie said...

The game was interesting!! I still don't know what the diamond hand gesture was that the homecoming dorks were throwing.

Even thou it was FREEZING!!! My skinny "butt" was frozen for days!!

Anonymous said...

My kid was and still is a band geek.
Absolute greatness!

Forget about the asswhuppin.

Don B.

Christina RN LMT said...

Chuck, our football team really, really sucks. It doesn't matter that they have a new coach, or bring in new kids every year, we ALWAYS suck.
Oh, well.

Cookie, I KNOW! It certainly was windy and cold, wasn't it?!

Don, band geeks are the BOMB!
Good for your kid! I'm hoping Silver can get a scholarship or something to help with college expenses. Sigh. Money is always an issue. I hate that.
I never worry about the football score, to be honest.
If it hadn't been homecoming, and if my friends hadn't come with me (thanks, Guys, you ROCK!), I'd have had a book with me as usual.
I normally spend most of the game reading, except when the band is performing!


Anonymous said...

"They eschewed the plumes..."

I'm sorry; I can't tell you how to raise your own family, but you have to realize that no one respects a plume-eschewer in the morning.

Christina RN LMT said...

comatus - :(

I had no idea the status of plumes was of such vital importance...

I can't help myself, though. I love that word..."eschewed".
I try to use it as often as humanly possible, and sometimes when it's not.

Hey, it's my blog!

phlegmfatale said...

Doesn't Silver look absoulutely adorable. So THAT Is the kind of cupcake you turn out? Cute, too-smart-for-the-room, and kinda evil? Love it! You're hired!

Christina RN LMT said...

I look forward to working for you, O Evil Overlord!