Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Librarians rock!

I just got back from working out at my local gym. I'd managed to get there earlier than ever before (before 7 AM! Gasp!). Whom did I spy?

Our local librarian. An elderly woman, her long, graying hair back in a jaunty ponytail, glasses firmly in place, wearing THIS t-shirt:


And pumping iron.

She's my hero.

Image from here


Mike W. said...

In 20 years that'll be Breda, still kicking ass.

Christina LMT said...

Make it 30 years, Mike, and I'll totally agree with you. ;)

Lissa said...

Maybe she needs a Chicks with Guns shirt to match?

Christina LMT said...

Maybe, Lissa. This *is* Texas after all, she probably has a gun!