Monday, January 14, 2008

Teen-age strangeness

Since it's my day off and I wasn't doing anything anyway, I picked Silver up from school today. I told her to meet me at the office, since I had to update some contact information. While I was standing at the counter with Silver, filling out the form, a boy walked up to her and started talking. It was almost an ambush, and he asked an odd question, "Do you hate your grandparents?"

I was thinking, WTF?

Silver returned monosyllabic answers, but he didn't or wouldn't take the hint and kept up his bombardment of randomness, Are you turning 16 or 17 this year?, Is this your Mom?, etc.

Silver literally turned away from the boy and finally the secretary shooed him away, since he was obviously distracting ME! I even put my first name in the space for "student's first name" and had to start the whole form over again.

While we were (finally) walking toward the car, I told Silver that I thought she'd been really mean to the boy, so stand-offish, since I was surprised due to the fact that she's usually super-friendly to everyone. She replied that the boy always got on her nerves, even going so far as to pester her for a Christmas present. She explained that everyone thinks she's so nice, but look out if you piss her off:

"I appear to be a nicely-wrapped candy, but if you take a bite, I taste horrible!"

Teenagers are weird.


Dick said...

I would have slapped the little punk.

Christina RN LMT said...

It was...odd. I felt sorry for him, he seemed so awkward and maladjusted. But Silver knows best, at least when it comes to boys! She knows what she wants, and it's NOT dating or boys. (Thank GOD, thinks mom)

Chuck said...

You should invite him over for a movie and popcorn one evening but don't tell Silver. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful surprise and she'll love ya forever! lol

Christina RN LMT said...

You'd be reading my obituary in the paper the next day!

Dick said...

Okay, slap Chuck. Lmao!

phlegmfatale said...

I love Silver for that - she totally rocks. I've always vowed that if ever eaten by a monster, I would surely give them indigestion. Kicking and screaming. I DETEST people who try to take advantage of my kindness. Boors!