Friday, January 25, 2008

The Monte Carlo is Burning.

But I'm not fiddling.

Don't worry, I don't work there. A bunch of us spa folk did grab our jackets and run outside to the Strip, and we could see the huge plumes of black and white smoke filling the southern sky.

The flames weren't visible from our vantage point, and this was maybe only half-an-hour after the fire was first reported.


4chun Cookie said...

I seen it 4rm my work too!! Just b4 the fire dept. starting heading over there. It was crazy traffic by my work since they closed LV blvd and 2 exits off I-15. Never seen that much traffic over there!!

Christina RN LMT said...

K. told me she was totally pissed off because "looky-loos" were literally stopping on the 15 to get out and take pictures!
Talk about an accident waiting to happen!