Friday, December 14, 2007

More Pissed-offness...

at Silver's Pep band performance (aka "Varsity Basketball Game").

Here's Silver night before last at her symphonic orchestra concert (yes, that's a new hair color, yet again!):

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And here she is last night at the basketball game:

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I have a new pet peeve, if you will, to add to all the assholes who aggravated me at the concert the other night.

Obnoxious parents at high school sporting events.

I wanted to either put a bullet in my brain, or tear off my ears and stuff them in this dude's mouth, to shut him the hell up.

I wish someone would explain to him that screaming/chanting, "Defense - Defense - Defense - Defense!", or my favorite, "MORE Defense - MORE Defense - MORE Defense - MORE Defense!" for the entire duration of the game does not add anything to ANYONE'S experience of said game.

Not to mention potentially distracting the players, instead of "inspiring" them.

Of course, he mixed in, "Offense - Offense - Offense - Offense!" whenever our team had the ball.

He only stopped during timeouts.

I was never more glad for the sheer volume the band produces indoors, 'cause they were the only thing that drowned him out (briefly).

I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots.


phlegmfatale said...

What dickhead! Good on you for maintaining your composure. I've always wondered about that - people shouting and distracting the kids -- it's obnoxious!

Christina said...

Phlegmmy, I've come to realize I sound like a total bitch on this blog...and I LIKE it!
In real life I'm definitely the one who keeps her mouth shut, except when I'm behind the wheel of a car...

Trashman said...

You ARE surrounded by idiots. Most of us are.

4chun Cookie said...

He must have been a cheerleader in a past life!! Love the hair by the way!! Much better then the blue!