Sunday, December 16, 2007

Client Vignettes

I really love my job. One of the best parts about it is all the wonderful, interesting people I meet.

Many of my clients don't say a word during the massage, and that's fine! I just let my mind wander, and it's almost like a mini-nap, very refreshing.

But when the client and I get to chatting, that's when it gets interesting.

In no particular order, here's a run-down of some of my clients over the past week or two:

- the Paris Hilton look-alike. I have to say that I immediately jumped to certain conclusions about her, which she proceeded to demolish. Bad Christina, no cookie for you! She was extremely friendly and personable, and a very good tipper (always a bonus).

- the ER doc from Colorado, who commutes to a hospital in Oklahoma. He spends his spare time ridding Oklahoma of feral pigs, which are apparently a plague, since they breed like rabbits and have no predator besides man.
He also bow-hunts and cooks for the nurses and other staff at the ER. What was remarkable about him was the absence of the notorious "doctor's ego"; as a matter of fact he told me that he didn't hang out with other doctors for just that reason. A really down-to-earth gentleman.

- the Education professor from Arkansas, who just lost her husband a few months ago.
"I teach others how to teach," is how she put it. Sometimes I feel like a hairdresser, considering the things people tell me, a total stranger! She talked and talked about her late husband, who just dropped dead with no warning signs whatsoever.

- the naive pharmaceutical rep from Pennsylvania, married with four children, who asked me, "Are the girls in the back of the truck?" while referring to these, seen everywhere on the Strip and in its vicinity.

And my personal fave:

- the 25-year-old farrier from Michigan, who was raised Amish, decided it wasn't for him, started his own business at 19, and now has to refuse new clients because he's too busy. He also dreams of going pro as a calf-roper and bull-rider. I googled his name and found some of his local stats. Cool. When he's famous, I'll squee like a fangirl and ask him if he needs a personal full-time massage therapist!

As much as I bitch about clients leaving their underwear on, I never thought I'd see a woman who left her BRA on! What an idiot! J., who was her therapist during the side-by-side massage (I was massaging hubby, who had ALL his clothes off, thankyouverymuch), had to ask her politely to remove the bra.

I also massaged a gentleman with an invisible ass. Seriously, this man was completely flat from shoulders to feet. Baby did NOT have back! It was just kinda odd, and threw me off a little.


phlegmfatale said...

I think it makes great sense that people would unburden to the massage therapist-- after all, you will physically touch them more intimately than even (most of) their physicians ever will. I think the act of being touched causes defense walls to come down and that is therapeutic in more ways than one, particularly uptight people who NEED frequent massages.

People like me. Need one. Want one. Too busy. ugh.

Christina RN LMT said...

You're absolutely right, Phlegm.

We were taught in school to be prepared for "somato-emotional release", where clients could start laughing or crying uncontrolably, or cursing, etc.

And yes, people need to get away from the idea that massage is either a sexual, naughty thing, or something frivolous that only the idle rich partake of.

Hey, in Canada your insurance pays for massage! Even here it's starting to catch on with insurance companies. Some companies will pay for massages if they're prescribed by a doctor or chiropractor!

If you need one (and you KNOW you do), not to mention that you're infinitely deserving of one, find the time. An hour, come on...

Anonymous said...

I'm out, for what would be obvious reasons.