Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Experiences

First: It was my first time to serve on a jury.


Second: It was my first time (that I clearly remember) bugging out because of an oncoming tornado.

Both experiences were opportunities for learning and both were exciting in different ways. And as my roommate said, a day when you learn something new is not a wasted day (or something to that effect, right, Mulligan?)



DaddyBear said...

Everything OK?

Christina LMT said...

I'm fine, thanks!

I made it all the way through voir dire, then it was declared a mistrial and we were all dismissed.

And the tornadoes were touching down all around my town, but thankfully didn't make it all the way here. I was in my car, driving for awhile, though. A trailer is no place to be during a tornado.

Mad Saint Jack said...

If you ever have to bug out again go hang out at the local pizza joint or somewhere with a walk-in cooler.

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, MSJ, that was the plan! If it was before 10 PM, I was headed to the grocery store and THEIR walk-in cooler, after 10 PM, the local McDonald's. :) WITH my dogs. The proprietors can worry about health codes while I'm worrying about survival.

Silver the Evil Chao said...


I heard that the weather was bad, but there were actual tornadoes?! O_O

Also, how did the puppies handle it? And what about the cats?