Sunday, June 17, 2012

Car Bleg

So, anybody in the general Boston area know where I can get a RELIABLE used car? Or does anyone have a used car for sale? Or know someone who does?

Looking for a car that's up to ten years old, but not completely run-down. Automatic and A/C is a must, other than that, I'm flexible. It has to be able to get my girls from MA to ND and then putter them around Grand Forks for a few years. I'm willing to shell out up to four grand.



Ruth said...

My folks are that way, they run their cars to the ground, but they might know someone, I'll ask.

Old NFO said...

Wish I could help, but no joy.

Ambulance Driver said...

Check with our buddy Carteach0.

He's got a Subaru Forrester for sale, and you know he's kept it in good condition.

Lissa said...

Sorry Christina, the only luck I've had buying used cars was when I knew a mechanic at the shop (husband of a co-worker). Otherwise we seem to get boned every time.

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Ruth, I appreciate it.

No worries, NFO!

Thanks for the tip, AD!

Lissa, sorry to hear about the boning. I've been trying to go the "trusted-mechanic-route," too.

Ruth said...

thats actually what my mom said they'd do when I asked her, check with their mechanic who often buys used cars and fixes then and sells them. I know they've bought used from him in the past, and he's been their mechanic for AGES.

jon spencer said...

If that car is going to winter in North Dakota it will more than likely need a block heater.
If you buy locally, have a good mechanic (carteach0) get it ready for a North Dakota winter.
Those winters are all together different than just about anyplace else.

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Ruth! My email address is :)

Jon, I've been pricing block heaters, trust me. And at least they have a parking garage across the street from the dorms. With power outlets for every space!

Ruth said...

Sending you an email from my gmail account!