Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thanks...I think?

Me: I just have to put some makeup on, then we can go.

Daughter-who-shall-not-be-named (DWSNBN): You don't need makeup, Mom!

Me: Yes,  yes I do.

DWSNBN: *I* don't wear makeup.

Me: You don't need makeup, you're young and fresh, I'm old and worn out!

DWSNBN: You are NOT old and worn out! Okay, well maybe you're old, but definitely not worn out...

Me: Uh...thanks?


Suldog said...

Ah, youth! I wish it could be bottled (and then thrown into the ocean to drift off to some desert island.)

be603 said...

"It's not the years darling. It's the mileage." Indiana Jones

...and oh what miles they have been. DADT Dear Daughter

Lissa said...

Ha!! I'm sure it was said most lovingly :)