Tuesday, June 26, 2012


That would be me. I failed the WPE. I have one more chance to pass (the retake date isn't until next January) in order to be permitted to continue in the nursing program at NBU.

Well, I have an appointment to see my WPE counselor tomorrow and we'll go over my essay and where I missed the mark. Hopefully I'll get good feedback. Wish me luck!


Ruth said...

Crossing fingers!

LMB said...

You're not a loser.

Losers make a half-assed attempt (if they make any at all!) then when they fail, they quit and go back to whatever bullshit they were doing before.

You, however, are going back to kick this exam's ass.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

The first time you take it to learn the ground rules. The second time is to play the game by those ground rules, no matter how weird or arbitrary they may be in real life.

I don't need to wish you good luck, 'cause I know you'll do well - but that just makes it more fun! Good luck!