Monday, November 28, 2011

Most Excellent Evening!

I had a wonderful afternoon and evening today, spending a solid hour at the range with Weer'd, getting to shoot my rifle (yay!), his CZ82 (checking out potential carry guns), a revolver in .22LR (help me out here, bro...what was it called?!), and his "Baby Beretta".
I had a ton of fun and we stayed until they kicked us out for a scheduled match.

We decamped for Casa Weer'd, where the always delightful Mrs. Weer'd awaited us.
After sipping tea and chatting for an hour or so, it was time for me to head back home. A day well spent, my friends!

Thanks again, Weer'd, for a most excellent day!


Lokidude said...

If its the wheelgun he's known to talk about, its an S&W 617. Great little guns.

And those CZs are nifty, aren't they? I love mine, I know that much.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep that was my beloved 617. The Beretta is a 21A FYI.

Had so much fun. We need to do that again!

DaddyBear said...

I love my CZ-82. It's great for carry, and it's as reliable as all get out. Accurate too.