Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Game called...

...on account of *BLARGH*!!!"

For the very first time since I became a massage therapist, I had to break off a massage yesterday. My final client of the day ended up hurling (luckily, she made it to the bathroom in time!) about thirty minutes into her ninety minute massage.

She emerged from the loo looking rather wan, but insisted she wasn't sick, she felt fine. Picture me rolling my eyes, HARD.

I explained that it was a very bad idea to continue the massage under the circumstances and that she was welcome to reschedule with me when she felt better. Of course we didn't charge her for this visit.

Hey, she still tipped me, which I thought was very decent of her, considering.

Hope she feels better.


LMB said...

that's what you call an UNHAPPY ending!

Home on the Range said...

oh no. It was good of her to tip though.

Sorry I missed your phone call, this turned into a very hectic week.

Old NFO said...

Not good, but at least she made it to the bathroom... And kudos to her for the tip too :-)

Zelda said...

Maybe she was pregnant. I'm scared to get a massage for that reason, but I really need one.