Sunday, October 03, 2010


Elisha and I just did a couple's massage, and right in the middle, my client asked, "Do y'all make good money doing this?"

How the fuck am I supposed to answer that (and keep my job)? I should have said, "Only if you tip me well..," but instead I laughed and replied, "Enough to live on!"

Then he asked, "Really?"

Some people.


Oh, and he was a crappy tipper, too. Left 5 bucks for each of us. He told the front desk he wanted to leave "10%...split it between 'em." Stingy bastard.


SCI-FI said...

What is wrong with people? I can't imagine dropping a mediocre tip (or worse) like that...

'Drea said...

Interesting. Most Americans are tight-lipped about money and respect the unspoken rule to not ask someone how much money they make.

And the tip? Uncouth.

Julie said...

:( ... not nice

Christina RN LMT said...

Some people are just really odd. I know they both enjoyed their massage, since they told us AND the front desk they did (I put my client to sleep). But when the front desk manager delicately asked them if they'd like to add a gratuity to their credit card charge, they looked at her like she had two heads. Then the guy started in on the state of the economy, how bad things are (he's from Ft. Worth...I thought our economy in these parts was doing okay). Anyway, if you can drive all the way up from Ft. Worth to Oklahoma to gamble for the weekend, take in a show, and get massages, you definitely have the money to have a little class and tip appropriately. /rant