Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Epic. Party. Take Two.

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends old and new. It was Phlegm Fatale's birthday, and we helped her celebrate it in style.

Vine drove quite the distance to meet up with me in Small Town, then we headed over together to Elsewhere, TX, where the shindig was being held.

Here's the infamous flouncy top, with me wearing it, incidentally...


I've been informed that the flounciness doesn't show well in a still photo. Meh.

The food was amazing (especially the Amish Blue Cheese, NOM), the company of the highest caliber, and much fun was had.

Here are some of the attendees:

FarmGirl and Vine.


AepilotJim and Alan.


FarmDad and Farmmom, who brought me some amazing pickles, jellies, and some of the best barbecue sauce I've ever eaten (mmm, chipotle! Thank you, Dixie!).



Evylrobot Michael and Jennifer (such a cute couple!).


WTF? I have no pics of the birthday girl all by herself? Shame on me!

Well, here she is in a group pic; love you, Babe!


Also in attendance, but who avoided my camera, the ever lovely Holly, and her spouse, JPG.

LawDog, naturally. And his brother, Chris!

And I finally got to meet (and massage) Tolewyn, now I can add him to the "Bloggers I've Met" list on my sidebar!

We even recorded Vicious Circle that night, YIKES.

I did chair massage most of the evening, while wearing high-heels and being slightly tipsy. And I sang. While massaging Phlegmmy's feet.

Also, Phlegmmy's couch is supremely comfortable and I was so glad I had called dibs on it earlier!

Saturday we had a very leisurely breakfast and continued the gabfest, which is naturally the best part of any such gathering.

Then I gave the birthday girl her gift, a massage (on the table), with hot stones! w00t!

I also took the opportunity to work on Farmmom's new knee, before the FarmFamily took off for home. I was glad to be able to help.

Finally, round about 5 PM, Vine and I loaded up all my paraphernalia (and it was a LOT), and we headed back to Small Town. Back to the daily grind, and I will just have to sustain myself with the memories of a fantastic party and gathering. Until next time, that is!


FarmGirl said...

You know, I simultaneously feel tall and short looking at that picture of me and Vine.

Cause, ya know, he's the second tallest guy I know and I don't look enormously shorter than him, but I also realize that I have to look up quite a bit to meet his eyes so yeah...

breda said...

thanks for the pics! Looks like a great time.

Anonymous said...

top is definitely Flouncy

looks like you guys had a blast


Shannon said...

Sounds like a great party! I like that's fun to say.

phlegmfatale said...

OMG - that's my favorite picture of me with no makeup EVER! Nice! :)

Had a grand time, my dear! Thanks so much for making my birthday so special! *HUGS*

WV: ferdific.

Christina RN LMT said...

It really was absolutely FABULOUS, Y'all!

FarmGirl, that pic does manage to make you look short, even though you're nothing of the sort!

Breda, we did have a blast, but you MADE a blast, or many of them, rather! Even though you *did* shoot T-Bolt in the neck...*ahem*. ;)

B, inDEED. Lots of fun was had, and pictures taken...

Shannon, thank my roomie for the word, LOL! Wish you could have been there, too. I have the feeling that it was your kinda shindig.

Phlegmmy, you want a massage? Ask me anytime. :D

phlegmfatale said...

I loved getting naked with you, baby!