Sunday, September 12, 2010

Massage Haiku

Oh what should you do
When your client flirts with you?
I don't have a clue.


SCI-FI said...

Was he cute and sweet?
Respectful of boundaries?
How big was the tip?

Christina RN LMT said...

He was cute, but it was also awkward, because it was a couple's massage and his girlfriend was very insecure and possessive. She kept looking over and watching me massage him. Elisha (who was massaging her) wanted to bop her on the head to make her put her head down. Oh, and the g/f kept asking him questions. Ugh.
But yes, he was cute. And he had a really GOOD...handshake. With excellent eye contact. Except when he was checking me out...;)

Bob S. said...

Keep a pawn shop wedding band at work on the cabinet or on a chain around your neck.

If you don't want the flirtation, point to the ring and just say "thanks but no thanks, someone would be jealous"

Julie said...

mmm in that situation totally ignore it would be my advice ...

Mike W. said...

Say "how do you do?" and take off your shoe?

I suppose what you take off depends on the client in question :)

Heh, word verification is "fealn"

Suldog said...

Well, see, there's another reason why I - a straight guy - get a same-sex massage. I never have to worry about stuff like that :-)

Lissa said...

I immediately think "Casually mention your NRA membership" . . . but then I remember that outside of New England it's not political herpes.

Christina RN LMT said...

All very good advice! I was a bit flustered since I'm not used to that kind of attention, but I maintained my professionalism. I'd have done exactly the same had I been alone with the client, since it is inappropriate and unethical to date a client. He didn't offend me, so I didn't need to take umbrage. I was actually rather flattered. :D

Jim, what if your therapist is gay and hits on you? Has that ever happened?

Lissa, good idea, except I live in Texas and work in Oklahoma...that would probably just raise my stock!

Anonymous said...

Unless he said, "Show me your tits."
But then again, that's not really flirting.


Anonymous said...

Keep one of those blue ice things under a towel.

Cold hands would certainly refocus someones attention.

And remember pressure points.


Christina RN LMT said...

Nobody's asked me to show them my tits, and that would end the massage session right there!

Icy-cold hands are most certainly a turn-off for most people. That's a good idea!