Sunday, September 26, 2010

Overheard at the Spa...

New Boss: Yeah, I'm using the new patchouli essential oil as a scent. I really like it! What's patchouli good for, anyway?

Me: I dunno...smelling like a hippie?

D'oh! Yes, I really said that to my new boss. Luckily, she laughed instead of firing me. *whew*


SCI-FI said...


And you lived to tell the tale!

Home on the Range said...

Love the new picture on the sidebar.

I don't know ANYONE that likes that scent. Always reminded me of what would be remaining in the room after hot skunk sex,

Christina RN LMT said...

SCI-FI, I had a frozen moment, where I was thinking, "Did I really say that?! Out loud?!"

Thanks, Brigid!

It's not so bad for some reason. I'd always thought it would smell moldy.

Anonymous said...

Patchouli gets it's own space on my people watching bingo cards.

Whenever we go to the local farmer's market (not often enough, love that place), art fairs, or anything like that I'll whip up a quick and dirty bingo card.

Patchouli actually gets two squares. One for authentic dreads (shudder) and one for braided wanna-be dreads.

The GF has elbowed me in the ribs more than once for muttering something akin to, "Obese woman on scooter annnnnd bingo, we have a bingo."

Guess I just can't be trusted out in public. LOL


Julie said...

lol ...

Christina RN LMT said...

Anon, that's pretty harsh! (But funny, very, very funny...)

Julie, I laugh about it NOW...

Buck said...

Uh... hello Brigid. My name's Buck and I'm fond of patchouli. The scent brings back memories of Awesome Sixties Sex (which actually happened in the LATE '60s and early '70s). Guess ya hadda be there, and I'm glad I was.

Anonymous said...

What can I say m'dear but that I am a harsh and jaded person.

There are also squares for:

Dog w/bandanna collar
40 trying to look 20 Chick
Camo guy (all Mossy Oak, or Real Tree, etc)
Off Duty small town FF/EMT
Dog in a purse
Hipster wearing t-shirt from a concert tour from before their birth.

It's a great little exercise in actually seeing the people around you. Stereotyping? I prefer to call it pattern recognition. :)


Suldog said...

The first girl I ever had sex with used to wear that, so my liking it has deep psychological roots! And anytime I smell it, my essentials start to do the happy dance, so best to not involve it in any massage I'm part of!

Christina RN LMT said...

Buck and Jim, you are excused from the obligation of hating's perfectly understandable. :)

Anon., I are honing your skills! (Not just your ones for snark...)

Anonymous said...

My snark was run over a Japanese water stone from the time I could talk.


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