Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun to the Nth Power...

One week ago today (and how time flies when you're busier than a beaver during dam-building season...), my girls picked me up from work and we headed, with dogs in tow, to Elsewhere, TX for a wonderful, fun-filled evening of playing Munchkin, a wacky card game none of us had tried before. LawDog and Phlegmmy were the bestest hosts, as always, and served up some Texas barbecue that was a delicious farewell dinner for my girls.

While much fun was had, my twins especially were a bit apprehensive. We had a big day planned for Monday, and after the last debacle experience, going to a range and shooting seemed a little scary to them.

Those fears were quickly laid to rest!

JPG and Matt G. had been kind enough to extend an invitation to go to their sooper sekrit range, and we jumped at the offer! My new roommate Mulligan, his dad and stepmom (Dan and Judy) were also part of our party. Thank God Mulligan is smart, 'cause he picked up a gigantic awning at Sam's Club and thus heroically saved us all from heat stroke. It was horrendously hot last Monday, but we were all prepared with copious amounts of cold beverages, hats, and sunblock.

We formed a convoy, and after I negotiated the pasture in my dinky, low-profile car, we arrived at the range and got started setting up.

After the awning was assembled, we all got our goodies out and placed them lovingly on the table. This is only a small portion of the stuff that goes BANG! that was there that day.


Then, while Matt mowed the grass into firing lanes, JPG went over range commands and the four rules. Thankfully, my girls (and myself!) were attentive listeners. Safety comes first! JPG also explained the sometimes confusing nomenclature relating to firearms and shooting. Then the fun really began!

Can't forget eye and ear protection!


We started with rifles...






Then handguns. Of course, we took many breaks, since it was hotter than the lowest level of Hades out there. I believe I mentioned that, no? ;)



In between, I got to finally shoot with MY gun, w00t! *ahem*

I hit the evil monster eye, right in the pupil!

Thanks, AD! Your gift is truly stupendous. :)

The highlight and finale of the day was JPG's beautiful Thompson. We all got a chance to try it out, and several water bottles tragically lost their lives during our instruction. Pity, that. :D

That is one heavy gun!


Bottom line is, it was a spectacular day with this outcome:


No other words are necessary.


Mulligan said...

Gawd it was hot & the giant sunshade 'only' took 6 people to set up. (btw I traded it for 2 10x10's that are easier to set up). Lots of big ol' grins, more than a few SQUEEEEs and after the barn got packed up the girls caught him unawares & JPG got the "biggest hug ever" (I was not directly involved with the hugging-too hot).

My folks might come visit more often now that there are guns and massages to enjoy. Though there was some talk of grilling steak up north, so there might be a northern I-35 gunnie meet in the making.

Shannon said...

Yay Christina! Glad you had lots of fun!!

Lissa said...

SQUEE! Cute shots! Yay for gunnery funnery!

Old NFO said...

Glad y'all had fun, and SAFE fun at that :-)

Christina RN LMT said...

It was the best time!

phlegmfatale said...

COOLNESS! I'm so glad y'all got to go have a proper shooty fest!

Buck said...

Great pics... looks like BIG Fun!

Mike W. said...

lots of shooty smiles! Is the one in the blue shirt your oldest?

John the Texaner said...

Looks like you had a great time. :)

I'm glad it went well after the experience you had at the other place.

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Guys!

John, indeed...that's Silver!