Wednesday, May 26, 2010


More kittens. The other female cat just had a litter today. She was looking mighty round up until yesterday, then today we saw her curled up in a hole in the ground, purring like an engine, wrapped around three kittens (I counted when she had to go to the bathroom).

Not exactly the smartest place for a nest, especially since it's not under cover. If it rains, there are going to be some really wet kitties! Or drowned ones. :(

Well, like her sister, she's a first-time mom, she'll learn better from experience.

My pups are extremely interested, but haven't ventured close enough to feel mama's wrath. She let Silver and me actually pet her soft!

I yet again tried to convince my roommate to at least have the females spayed, so they don't keep having litter after litter, but he's firmly convinced that spaying/neutering pets will "alter their nature", so he's having none of it. The cats are here to control vermin, that is their sole function. And he also says that kittens are "easy to take care of". *sigh*

Oh, well. For a few weeks I'll enjoy playing with the babies. The older kittens are extremely skittish and scatter like fat, furry cockroaches when I come near them. No fun! Cute, though.


FarmGirl said...

Make friends with momma cat and touch and handle them as often as possible while they're still young. Even a week away when they're starting to get mobile will make them forget that you're a nice person who pets and loves and makes funny coochiecoo noises.

But if you keep handling them, they'll tame down till they're begging for attention.

Christina RN LMT said...


Thanks, FarmGirl! I'll keep that in mind and keep better track of this litter. Once the momma had moved the other litter, I didn't see them for weeks!

ZerCool said...

Some animals do seem to change after fixin' ... our cats didn't, for whatever reason. They're just as goofy and lovable as they were before, but now we don't have to yell, "Boris! Stop trying to hump your sister!"

Miz Minka said...

That kind of attitude really pisses me off, and it makes me sad that his refusal to get the cats fixed only perpetuates the pet overpopulation problem. I've owned dozens of cats in the last 30 years, and all my *best* mousers were spayed/neutered. One of these "altered nature" cats even caught a gopher once!

I wish you could get the resident cats "speutered" on the sly. :(

Word verification: "storon" -- rhymes with...?

Christina RN LMT said...

ZerCool and Miz Minka, I gave it my best shot reasoning with my roomie, all for nothing. And Minka, I wish I could do that, but he'd definitely notice! He has found homes for several kittens from the first litter, but I don't know what's going to happen with the rest. I'm really frustrated, too. :(

Bag Blog said...

Farmgirl gave you some good advice. Around here, cats need to be fixed to hopefully keep them from roaming too far. If they roam, they are coyote food.

Post pics of the kittens please.

Buck said...

Miz Minka got in before me; I'm firmly in her camp... which is to say pissed off, too.

Christina RN LMT said...

B.B. Will do! They are SO TINY. An entire kitten, with tail, barely takes up the palm of my hand.

Buck, I'm very pissed off, but my hands are tied. They aren't MINE. :(

Lissa said...

My sympathies, Christina. At the shelter we deal with people like that all too frequently; the fourth or fifth time we pick up a litter from the same house we want to kidnap the cats for a quick snip. *snarl*

Does your roomie also think that birth control fundamentally alters women?

Christina RN LMT said...

Oh, GOD. I have no clue, Lissa. And I really want to keep it that way!